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Published on September 27th, 2013 | by Greenie86


Xbox One: First Impressions

With the Eurogamer Expo 2013 midway through the event, I managed to get a good hands on with the upcoming new console from Microsoft. The Xbox One has been controversial no question, with changes on its policies and the DRM climb down but the excitement is there and with good reason.

There were several games at the expo that were playable on the Xbox One, which also featured a 30 minute presentation from Phil Harrison explaining the features of the console and the impressive launch line up. It has to be said this was a great event for the Xbox One, the presentation was precise and featured the indie developers called De La La which are based in the UK. The DVR feature called ‘Upload’ is a great concept and making it easy to promote in game footage and show to friends, gamers who have capture devices will still prefer to capture using them but the virility when using the on-board version includes the ability to share with the community and buy the game that is shown with a press of a button.

The line up of games is what makes the Xbox One have an advantage at launch with blockbuster franchise titles such as Forza 5, FIFA 14, Assassins Creed IV and Battlefield 4. Newer franchise titles such as Watchdogs, Ryse:Son of Rome, Fighter Within and Killer Instinct will are also launch titles.

How does the Xbox One feel like when playing? Well despite some gamers who saw glitches and clunkyness, I felt the controller to be easy on the eye and great in your hands, lighter than the current Xbox 360 one the most distinctive difference is the trigger buttons. They feel better to touch and feel closer together, when playing Forza 5 the detail is there with accurate handling with vibration matching the wheel you are giving the most torque too. The actual console looks great too and as you expect with Microsoft.

Forza 5 is one of the games bundled with the Xbox One Day One editions, you can see why The Forza Motorsport series has become the top racing series on Metacritic when you play the new version! The level of detail on each car is enormous, on the screen you can see a remarkable level of detail that quite honestly beats the Gran Turismo series into the ground into submission. The track available is Laguna Seca which if u have played this track before, provides a serious challenge to master as there are multiple heavy breaking areas. Visually breathtaking with the sudden glare from the sunlight burning down and into the cockpit. As mentioned previously the vibration in the triggers creates more realism in the handling from the breaking zones or the acceleration. The best title that I had the chance to play on.


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