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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Greenie86


Xbox One bundled with a free game?

There are rumors that the new Xbox One will be bundled with a ‘major’ third party title, some think it will be FIFA 14, which is one idea and for Europe football is quite popular however not all consumers are interested in the series. Bundled with a £40 game is a great way to bridge the £80 gap with the PS4 and with potentially a strong line up of launch games this could see the Xbox One close the gap.

My thoughts are that the ideal choice of game should be Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is a widely loved series and let’s face it, practically all coverage so far of the game has been on the Xbox One. This will more than likely see more consoles sold at launch aswell as the popularity of the game increased. How the game will be bundled will be the big question, Would either FIFA or Ghosts be pre-installed or just a code to download the game to encourage us to keep the game? I would imagine so, it would be ideal for all parties involved with no trading in straight after purchase. This title will also be a clue to when the console will actually launch too. Sony are going first with the conference tomorrow and it is pretty clear that the release date will be confirmed and Microsoft will go Wednesday evening to showcase the Xbox One, Sony going first will give the advantage to Microsoft this time around, even if the PS4 is released at the end of October. It could be the case that Sony could also match the bundle with say Battlefield 4 but it would be a tough call for EA to do this and then lose sales on the Xbox One version at launch.

If the Xbox One launches with Call of Duty: Ghosts then you would imagine the console will launch on the 5th November, the same day as the release date of the game. Why would Microsoft launch the console at the end of November when the sales of the game will be lower at the Call of Duty: Ghosts launch?  Microsoft could storm ahead in sales, popularity and in value in releasing the 5th November.

If it is true that the Xbox One will be bundled with a free game, what would you like to see bundled?

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4 Responses to Xbox One bundled with a free game?

  1. As amazing as it would be to bundle CoD Ghosts with it, I don’t think that will happen. That’d be too awesome lol.

  2. Trekster says:

    I really don’t think it will be Call download Duty ghosts to the people pre ordered it separately already in that would mess things up.
    It should be a kinect game that really shows what it can do and be something for the whole family.

  3. Robert077 says:

    Trekster is right, the free game can not be one of the games that are already available for pre-order, so COD is not an option. I assume it will be an Xbox exclusive, probably something that uses the so glorified Kinect, because MS is having a really hard time trying to justify why Kinect is included in the box.

  4. Truth says:

    There is indeed a Call Of Duty Ghosts bundle coming, but the free game is FIFA14. It’s been confimed

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