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WRC4 Preview

Its is that time again, WRC 4 will be released this Friday on all major platforms and we thought that it would be great to have a little preview of the game before the release. The demo is out as we speak and features one stage in Italy. You get to drive the Volkswagen WRC class. As you would expect from the team at Milestone the level detail is incredible! The environments are more accurate than ever before with vastly improved lighting and weather effects. Racing at dusk with the sun beaming blinding your vision which is only paralleled with my previous hands on with the upcoming Forza 5 on the Xbox One. There are some smaller changes which make WRC 4 feel like a higher class of package include completely reworked menus and a new HUD on track, these may seem minor but when you take into account that most games need an edge to them to stand out from the crowd and be different.

Handling of the cars mirror what you pick for your car and I found that getting the right balance with the set-up is the single most important aspect. It will either make you a winner or put you quite a while behind in the time sheets, sometimes very hard to make that time back up.


Like last years version WRC 4 is available on the PS Vita. WRC 3 had decent graphics for the first entry, this years version has had a complete overhaul. The single most noticeable feature is in the looks of the car. Last year while the performance of the rally car was there the aesthetics just were not as it should and this time we noticed improved reflections and much clearer detail. There are improvements in lighting much the same way as the console versions do and with rock faces causing realistic shadow effects that splatter across the track. The frame rate is fantastic and there has been no dip the whole time I played it.

WRC 4 has a brand new single player career that puts you thoroughly in the place of a driver, all tracks from the 2013 season feature alongside 60+ cars from over 50 teams. Changing the dynamics of the cars has been made simpler for newcomers too. Some racing titles look at the basics and is for the casual driver, the World Rally Championship titles have always provided realism and the authenticity to do the fans and the drivers justice.

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