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Published on September 18th, 2013 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


Video games are evil, and you’re a threat to society.

So today I took a stroll to my local super market to pick up a few more snacks to keep me happy while playing GTA5, when I see the above picture, that very moment I dropped my shopping basket, put my hands on my head and said, “This? Again?” followed by grumbling and an angry face. Thus, this is the reason why I chose the wording for this article, or rant depending on how you look at it; Video games are evil, and you’re a threat to society.

The above paper of course is about the recent shooting at the U.S Naval base which is indeed a tragedy as with any other shooting.  However it’s the suggested reason or cause for the shooting that leaves me both angry, dumbfounded and in disbelief.

It appears that even now in the year 2013 us gamers are still seen as ticking time bombs by the media, especially those that enjoy games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.  It’s these games that turn us young and impressionable little darlings into heartless stony faced cold blooded killers.  Apparently video games cause us to throw our morality to the wind, corrupt our souls and send us to burn in hell for eternity, (some people genuinely believe gaming is a one way ticket to hell).

However I’m guessing they got the headline wrong in terms of actual truth because this wasn’t a sound minded individual, in which playing games such as Call Of Duty corrupted him and turned him into a killing machine, no in fact Aaron Alexis had numerous mental issues, it’s even printed in black and white in the paper; “Alexis went to the Veterans Administration last month seeking treatment for paranoia, insomnia and possible schizophrenia. Around the same time he had called the police to his hotel room in Rhode Island after complaining of hearing voices in the cupboard.” However as always the story here is that video games caused him to kill people.  What amazes me is that the warning signs were there but nothing was done.

It’s amazing how the media love to twist the truth just to slap such vague and ridiculous titles on their papers in order to sell the most copies.  This tells me that gamers are still seen as temperamental deviants by the media, and when such tragic things happens video games are immediately under fire and are blamed for whatever bad deed has been done.  Trying to say games make people violent is like saying people who have a moustache are capable of mass genocide and war crimes because Hussain, Stalin, Caddafi and Hitler all sported a moustache, or saying a fat person was driven to death by watching cooking programmes, I could go on forever here.

tyrant_1857452cSurely people with Moustache’s are a bigger threat to society! Right?

It’s ridiculous beyond belief and there’s absolutely no evidence to justify that video games cause violence, none what so ever! Yet whenever there’s such a shooting, gaming is immediately blamed, not how society around that individual screwed up, not that the fact a fire arm is as easy to find as setting up a bank account (heck some Banks in the U.S give you one as a welcome gift ). No, it’s always games, comics, movies and music that are the issue.  I’ll never forget seeing such video games like Mass Effect and Dynasty Warriors be blamed for the shooting at Newtown.  People even took to social networks sending death threats to developers over it, because if the media says so then it must be true!

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I simply don’t understand why when all the signs for a mentally unstable person are there, they are over looked, untreated or simply ignored and it’s stated that the actual reason for their crimes are video games.  It simply doesn’t make sense.  What if a person watches 8 hours of TV and gamed for an hour and had numerous mental issues? I bet nine times out of ten the media would say something like the love of violent video games drove him/her to it.

It angers and annoys me so much that games and gamers come under prejudice by the media.  When a game sells millions of copies and a handful of people commit an awful crime then all of a sudden games are bad and cause people to do bad things.  Sure some gamers might swear and shout at lag or quick scoper’s from time to time and give each other stick during a game, but that’s pretty much it.  I just wish the damn media would stop using games in general to put a negative light on gamers, because it does. We seem to have some sort of stereotype cast upon us as if we are dangerous killing machines that could be triggered by the slightest thing.

Now we live in a time where visuals in games are way more realistic than ever before, some of the things you see in GTA are pretty excessive, but that’s why it carries an 18 certificate.  However without a doubt in my mind,  GTA will soon come under much scrutiny over it’s mature content.  Now the problem here isn’t that under-age people are playing the game, because as we know most of us in our twenties were under-age when games like Resident Evil and Manhunt were released.  Now I can vouch for me and all my friends that we have not taken up arms and gone on killing spree’s because we saw it in a game at an early age. It can be argued that seeing violent images might desensitise some people to violence as a whole, however there is still no conclusive evidence to support this theory.

The truth is, games don’t cause violence, violent people cause violence. Video games didn’t exist during the crusades when people were raping and butchering others in the name of God. Video games didn’t cause two world wars where millions of lives were lost, and video games did not cause the recent shootings in the past years.  No matter what these idiotic journalists want you to believe, it just isn’t true, there’s no weight to their argument at all and their arguments are nothing short of mere speculation.   The actual cause may vary, but in the United states alone, there is more gun crime than anywhere in the world and it’s still far too easy for anyone, especially someone who isn’t mentally stable, to get access to a firearm.  There needs to be more done to prevent such crimes and even if you were to ban games, movies and music they would still happen and that’s not speculation, the last few hundred years has had plenty of evil, and sadistic practices were committed way before we saw any kind of video game.

I am a gamer, I don’t play violent games because I’m blood thirsty nor do I play them because I want to act out my darkest desires.  I play them because it’s a sense of escapism, an alternative to a book or a movie, but most of all is that they are fun to play.  I imagine many other gamers are fed up of this ridiculous stereotyping that keeps getting pinned on us by the media and it looks like it will keep happening because there’s nothing else remotely plausible to blame, obviously.

Right I’m off to go rob a bank, steal some cars and beat up a hooker.  Then, if I have time I might play some GTA5 ………



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