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Ultimate Utility for Ghosts


So you bought Call of Duty: Ghosts at launch, made the most of the first Double XP Weekend and are slowly but surely heading towards your first Prestige.Getting accustomed to the new game mechanics, experimenting with different loadouts and learning the maps as you go.


Well, “There’s an app for that!” Actually there’s a couple, the official one as I briefly mentioned in my recent review [here] and the Ultimate Utility for Ghosts [2.49]

Though yet to be used to it’s potential what with Clan Wars still ahead of us, Activision’s app is a useful addition to Infinity Ward’s console and PC game and currently free on your preferred App Store.
While it is a paid application Ultimate Utility for Ghosts contains a few extras, to my knowledge not available in the former and is too a handy piece of kit to have neatly and conveniently packed in your pocket providing some beneficial peripherals to regular players of Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

This is not the first app I have downloaded from this developer and so I was quietly confident of the quality of the contents.
A passionate gamer with a successful YouTube channel and catalogue of previous ultimate utility apps for Call of Duty and Battlefield games, if you are not familiar Brass Monkeigh is no stranger to playing nor compiling guides for first-person shooters. He also has an exciting sounding Minecraft app in the works – so watch out for that!


I digress – with Ultimate Utility for Ghosts you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Check weapon stats, find information on attachments, equipment, perks, score streaks, prestige symbols and one of my favourites; compare guns! Not forgetting the gun finder.
View details of the different maps, create-a-class, watch YouTube videos from some of the best Call of Duty players and even brag to your friends about achievements you have unlocked in the campaign.
Here too, there is clan messenger; a quick and easy way to contact your teammates and get the squad together for upcoming matches.
Not in a clan? There’s also pwn box; Brass Monkeigh’s own social network where you can chat to other gamers with the app, make friends, share your gamer tag and send game invites. The application also receives news updates, there are polls to vote on and a suggestion box is even present.
Brass Monkeigh fans can visit the online store and browse the merchandise.
A kill/death calculator is available and I think that …about …covers it!


Just a head’s up, there is information missing, but please bear in mind the game is still relatively new and this is bound to arrive in future updates. Rather than feeling disappointed, I actually felt reassured and reminded that the knowledge supplied is researched, tested and factual – as opposed to being made up or down to personal preference.

Anyway, thought I’d share this helpful little app as I’ve always found Brass Monkeigh’s Ultimate Utilities just that. Still not convinced on making that purchase? Might I suggest downloading one of the ‘lite’ versions of any of his other apps so to give you an idea of the resources to expect.
Oh I almost forgot, you can also view your player card from within UUfG ( links to your Call of Duty account. )

Stalk Brass Monkeigh on twitter, Subscribe to his channel on YouTube or/and contact him via email [] should you have any further questions or would like to find out more. Are you familiar with Brass Monkeigh’s apps? If not, are you going to give this one a try? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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