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Published on July 28th, 2013 | by Tony Scott


Thunder Wolves Review – Thunder in Paradise

Story - 70%
Presentation - 60%
Gameplay - 92%
Fun - 90%

Summary: Thunder Wolves is quite short but will keep you smiling and wanting more as you shoot, blowup and destroy everything in sight.



There are way too many games that take themselves too seriously; taking away that feeling of what a game should provide which is the element of fun. Thunder Wolves feels like it swoops in, shoots you in the face, fly’s off without even saying sorry and brings a whole load of fun in the process. In doing so, this helicopter combat game feels like a classic gaming experience from a bygone era; it reminds me of such classics as Desert and Jungle Strike. Thunder Wolves provides an entertaining experience with its missiles, explosions, heavy metal and gratuitous swearing.  This game is a classic throw back to the 80′s and just like Farcry 3: Blood Dragon, it hits the nail on the head.

The game gives you the control of Team-Wolf One which is a basically a team of the best and most bad-ass pilots. There are a variety of choppers to unlock and most missions will give you some choice between them. Each chopper gives you a unique set of primary and secondary weapons, and that’s it,  your now free to wreak some havoc.  Your chain gun will never run out of ammo or overheat, your missiles resupply after a few moments and if you crash your chopper into a building you will brush it off, get sworn at by your mercenary co-pilot and just get on with it. The weapons are as explosive as you would expect from a game like this. Each helicopter gets at least one machine gun and a few different types of rockets. Some are guided and very precise, while others are more like flaming clusters of explosive death and are as fun to use as you would expect.


The story-line is pretty simple however each level does has an intro from a sarcastic American woman to give some meaning to the destruction but with the overall tone of the game, this fits in well. The tutorial opens with an anecdote about one of the main characters opening fire on a soccer field because soccer is for p**sy’s, which sets the rest of the game up nicely, you know what to expect. The story and characters are set up nicely and the voice overs are well done, there are plenty of one-liners to keep you entertained and are in keeping with the tone of the game

“Combat is often fairly challenging, you will have hundreds of mercenaries trying to kill you, with homing missiles, guns or whatever else they can throw at you”

There are 13 missions in total so game play is around the 2-3 hour mark to complete. Most levels have plenty of enemies to destroy with a wide range of different vehicles and weapons to keep you on your toes and offer a surprising amount of variety .  In basic terms yes, they all entail shooting enemies with a helicopter and making sure nothing is left but smouldering crater, but that gets packed in with secondary objectives. There is a mission where you control a drone through a underground bunker, there is another one where you are a sniper in the dead of night and other levels where your co-pilot will fly while you continue gunning the hell out of the place.

Combat is often fairly challenging, you will have hundreds of mercenaries trying to kill you, with homing missiles, guns or whatever else they can throw at you, this requires some impressive flying skills and careful timing of the on-board flares.


There’s online and local co-operative play and the challenge of setting new high scores but there’s nothing in the way of competitive multiplayer. In co-op mode you can team up with a friend, one of you flies and controls the flares while the other one shoots adding some longevity to this otherwise short game. I don’t think you will be coming back to play this game again once completed but the 2-3 hours of enjoyment you will get more than justifies the low price tag.

Thunder Wolves isn’t without some patchy graphics and a frame rate that’s pretty awful at times, the game really slows down when you unlock an achievement, the audio isn’t bad but mainly comprising of explosions, and swearing; it won’t stand up graphically to most games in this generation but what this game remembers to do is how to have fun and that outweighs any of these issues.


The game sets out to be nothing but helicopters, explosions, death from above and fun and this is what it achieves. You won’t find a deep running plot line or anything too complex in this game but sometimes shallow is good and you may just want to sit back, disengage your brain and blow the hell out of some bad guys.


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