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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


Tearaway Review

Tearaway is possibly one of the most wonderful video games I’ve played on a hand held device, full of charm, wonder and innovation.  From the people that brought us little big planet, Media Molecule have made a game that will get those magic little creative brain cells in your head a well-deserved treat!

Tearaway’s story is a simple one, how it’s executed is brilliant, it makes you a part of the game!  In a nut shell, the little paper character is tasked with giving you the player a very important message and your job is to help him to deliver it, however it won’t be an easy task, evil scraps will try and stop you and you have to guide your character named Iota or Atoi (depending which sex you choose) to accomplish their goal.  You can also customize your character with various designs to make him/her unique; this also applies to those you meet in Tearaway’s world too.  One point I had to make a Pig look beautiful, after my short make over Mr piggy was over joyed and let me ride him to the next location, crazy stuff but great fun!


Tearaway makes use of all the Vita’s features which you will need to master as you play through the story and how it’s done will have you grinning and showing it off to your friends in no time.  At times you will need to touch the Vita’s rear touch pad which will have your finger bursting through certain areas of the game, which is used to defeat enemies or move objects.  Other times you’ll have to use your voice to give an in game character a terrifying roar.  There’s also paper crafting where you can use the touch screen to design items for characters (Such as a crown for the Squirrel king) There was one moment that really impressed me where I had to design a snowflake, once finished it started snowing the design I made! There’s no end to what you can do here and has something for everyone.  You can also even unlock instructions which you can access on a PC to make your own Paper craft!

It’s fun, cute and engaging and offers hours of fun game play to keep any gamer entertained

As you progress you unlock more abilities which enable to access areas you couldn’t before.  There’s also a camera which you unlock later on which you can take a snapshot of anything, you can even plaster yourself into the game on a wall like you could in little Big Planet.

Visually the game is very pretty and colourful.  The art direction is unique and original; a paper world makes for an interesting setting.  Flowers will unfold and bloom as you walk past them, levels are populated with presents to find and creatures to interact with.  Tearaway is certainly one of the best looking handheld games I’ve played, each area has its own theme and once you’ve defeated the evil that looms there, things brighten up and colour is restored to the area, also the way your creations appear in game work brilliantly, personally I feel more immersed when I actually can take part in what’s happening in the game, such as giving a creature a face or seeing it snow my design.


Media Molecule have made something very special and it’s certainly a must own game for any PlayStation vita owner.  It’s fun, cute and engaging and offers hours of fun game play to keep any gamer entertained.  Tearaway will give your creative side a chance to bloom and is something I’d really like to see more of in the future.

For those who might not own a Vita yet, I got mine for £150 from Amazon which included Tearaway, Little Big planet and a 16Gb memory card which is a fantastic deal. So what are you waiting for? Jump in to this mobile gem!


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