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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

Story - 60%
Gameplay - 80%
Presentation - 70%
Longevity - 85%

Summary: Ubisisoft have a decent game here, just lacks in story telling



So Splinter Cell has bat problems and new voice over actors. Say goodbye to Michael Ironside and hello to Eric Johnson the developers mustered to voice Sam Fisher in their new instalment of the Splinter Cell franchise. The plot revolves around a terrorist organization planning to attack the United States and Sam Fisher isn’t going to let that happen on his watch by any means. He’s going to give them terrorist the what for.

Without Michael Ironside voicing Sam’s character I did lose interest in Sam pretty quickly, it just sounded like some generic jock with a happy trigger finger and more male testosterone that even I shake my head at. I mean this game is basically Sam Fisher, bad guys and new maps without the grizzly voice of  Michael Ironside. You can still stealth missions non-lethal style with smoke, flash bangs, the shock bow and other toys stashed somewhere in Sam’s suit, I never really knew how he stored all of his toys in that damned thing. Worse yet is me thinking about it for too long because I start to envision.


There is heavy emphasis on earning cash and leveling up Sam Fisher, you can customize him to your hearts content. What is great about Splinter Cell: Blacklist is that there are tons of options to chose from. Anything from his gloves to his boots, gadgets, and new weapons. One of the first things I noticed about this game is how gorgeous the game is, from the design and map detail. To balance this, I also noticed some screen tearing of which usually happened whenever I dumped or tossed a dead body somewhere that it would not be noticed by unsuspecting guards walking by. For me the screen tearing usually always happened after this and if that dead body gets caught up in a fence or something it will flop around as if someone shoved a cattle prod up it’s backside throughout the entire mission which is kind of disconcerting. But nonetheless doesn’t detract from the overall fluidity and graphics this game has to offer.

One of the first things I noticed about this game is how gorgeous the game is

Mission actions fall into one of three earning categories, Assault (loud but lethal), Panther (silent but deadly) and Ghost (stealth). Ghost actions rake in the most cash, but require more time and thought. It’s an elegant bridging act that allows you to switch approaches on the fly without firing up a different mode. There are difficulty settings to reinforce whichever style you prefer (these can be changed mid game). The hardest, Professional, turns off Mark & Execute, supercharges AI perception and limits what you can see through Sonar Goggles. Purists are going to have fun with this difficulty!


The campaign can be blazed through in about 8 to 10 hours, however if you talk to some of the NPC’s you get access to extra mission content and you can almost double the completion time to almost 20 hours. For me it would take twice as long to complete. Probably the funniest aspect of this game to me is the co-operative multi player action. Of course, you could just avoid it entirely and stay in the single player but that would only be one dimension to the title. There is the much-anticipated return of Spies v Mercs, which sees Fisher-like spies face off against slower but better armed mercenaries in games of two against two or four against four. It’s an experience unparalleled anywhere else on line, proving undeniably tense as you work with a buddy or team in a glorious game of cat and mouse. Bringing a buddy along for co-op missions is also a worthy endeavour, but there’s a paucity of occasions where you’ll expressly have to help each other to advance. Like so much of the game it’s brilliant but leaves you wanting more.

Should you play this game? most definately! Splinter Cell: Blacklist is still a lot of fun and brings together  aspects from the past Splinter Cell titles had to offer. Aside from a few problems which I am sure will be patched in the future, this game is fun to play with the customization of Sam’s equipment to the gratification of stealthing an entire mission. So if your into guns, technobabble, global cloak & dagger and being a complete badass in the shadows, I suggest you pick up a copy. And trust me I don’t usually put my stamp of approval on any game lightly. It took me some time to get used to the camera movements, but once I did I was rocking and rolling with the best of them. I played this game on the PC only so I can’t really speak about the console port but I can’t imagine it being that much different. Well in the meantime have fun out there because if your not having fun your carting around a midget on your hip to let loose on same bad guys.

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