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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by greenie1986


Splatter: Just Harder Times Review

Story - 80%
Gameplay - 86%
Presentation - 80%
Longevity - 90%

Summary: Another solid top view shooter, definately worth looking at



Dreamworld’s Splatter: Just Harder Times is an action-packed ride through more blood and carnage than you can handle. The top-down shooter has players taking on the role of Max who is fed up with society and wants to leave the world he knows behind. However, Max is in for a rude awakening when the town becomes overrun by undead creatures of the night. Our antihero is now the only hope for humanity, and he must battle through the chaos to figure out what caused the demonic plague.

Splatter: Just Harder Times has a simple control scheme that allows players to aim and shoot by utilizing the keyboard while manoeuvring with the mouse. Game play features the classic Noire style Story that is made up of intricate graphics like something out of a graphic novel. Players are fully immersed into the game through its rough cinematic and cynical monologues. Some of the dialogue suffers due to poor translation, but it is still enjoyable due to the game’s intense storyline. Each level throws the player into an area where they must defend themselves against countless waves of undead flesh eaters, demons and other horrifying creatures. The stages really set the mood for the game with their dark and eerie touches with only flashlights or flares to guide the way. Splatter: Just Harder Times is a spine-chilling title that will have you go from frantic combat all the way to small corridors where you are always having to watch your back and manages to offer up scares that you would normally only see in big budget games.


What fun is a shooter without a load of exciting weapons? Max gets his hands on a wide variety of weapons throughout the game. Starting with a measly pistol, you’ll work your way up to submachine guns, shotguns, flame throwers and even laser rifles as you build up your zombie eradicating arsenal. While exploring the sprawling stages you can stock up on hidden cash to purchase upgrades too, allowing you to turn even the most basic weapon into a devastating implement of destruction. Upgrading your arsenal is fun and essential to progressing through the game’s more chaotic segments, ensuring players will spend plenty of time scouring for hidden loot in the game’s roughly 4 hour long campaign.

When you’ve finished blasting your way through the game’s brief but thoroughly enjoyable single player campaign, Splatter: Just Harder Times also features local multiplayer where players can compete in a rather basic deathmatch mode, or team up together in the insanely addictive Survival Mode to see how long they can last against a never ending horde of monsters. Featuring nearly 20 maps, Survival Mode is a wickedly fast and frantic affair with the kind of instantly addicting gameplay I haven’t experienced since first laying my grubby paws on Geometry Wars, making it a standout part of the blood-soaked package.

All-in-all, Splatter: Just Harder Times is a decent enough game for the $9.99 price tag. While the game may suffer from poor translation and repetitiveness, it makes up for it by combining arcade style fun with addicting gameplay for an overall fun experience.

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