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Published on July 27th, 2013 | by Greenie86


Sentral Gamer Interviews Arif S Kinchen

Yesterday we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the nicest blokes in the voice acting world in Arif S Kinchen, who has been featured in numerous games such as Bioshock Infinite, Anarchy Reigns and Saints Row plus the upcoming Dead Rising 3. We did the interview on Google+, however as i am new to the recording it was not recorded properly but do not fear, this will all be transcribed and we have another interview lined up just after the release of Saints Row 4.

Sentral Gamer: What got you into voice acting?

Arif S Kinchen: Well it started for me when I was younger watching GI Joe, Gargoyles, Robotech, TMNT & listening to great voice actors such as James Avery(Shredder,TMNT), Keith David(Gargoyles) and Rob Paulsen(The Mask, Rapheal TMNT, Animanics.) Such great talent plus cool catchphrases made me want to pick up the microphone and emulate how they were.

Sentral Gamer: I was a massive fan of all those actors and the roles that they played. Voice actors in my opinion do not get the praise that they should do and that is that we typically when playing games don’t appreciate the hard work that goes into voice acting, Pierce Washington is a great character that you voiced and in fact Bioshock Infinite, that you also appeared in, was driven by the dialogue and gamers took more notice and quite rightfully so.

Arif S Kinchen: Well I agree with you there, in fact I’m so happy that fans that are so passionate about the characters now more than ever before and are starting to see how much of a role that we play in the video games.

Sentral Gamer: What is it like working with such experienced and well-known voice talent?

Arif S Kinchen: Well it has been a great pleasure working with actors like Troy Baker, Yuri Lowenthal, Alex Desert, Dani Nicolet, Steve Blum, Natalie Lander and Laura Bailey.


Sentral Gamer: In my opinion TV shows like Transformers Prime and indeed the Ben 10 series feature some top class voice actors but a lot of people including myself think that you should be destined for bigger and better things! Forget Michael Bay recruiting big name hollywood blockbusters like The Rock and Mark Wahlberg, we need great actors like yourself to be a part of those roles and Hot Rod would be perfect, as your acting as Pierce Washington is up there amongst the best!

Arif S Kinchen: Thanks man, Michael Bay knows where I am! (Huge laughter) Some of the actors would be just happy in taking the paycheck and just doing the role and go home. But for me it is not about that. Giving the fans what they want and giving it my all is the best feeling. Plus people pay alot of money to buy a product that I have a voice in and that is enough for me.

Sentral Gamer: Going back to Saints Row 4, what can we expect to see?

Arif S Kinchen: Well you can expect over the top action shooting aliens and crazy, crazy bad ass weapons that if you have seen all the trailers then I know you will be blown away!

Sentral Gamer: WOW, even more crazier than running around whacking people with a 50 ft long Pink dildo?

Arif S Kinchen: You bet!


Sentral Gamer: There are rumours that Saints Row will change after the 4th installment and could even see a reboot come the next generation of consoles, we hope that you fit in with any future plans and could we expect to see Pierce Washington in future titles?

Arif S Kinchen: Well as I am aware of plans to change the series after this installment, this game will be hard to top and with you being able to play as the president of the USA how can you top that? I would like to think that Pierce Washington makes a return in the future games, maybe coming down from a UFO and kicking Alien Neo Ultor Ass or something!

Sentral Gamer: We would certainly love to see that! Have you come over to the UK yet?

Arif S Kinchen: unfortunately no I haven’t.

Sentral Gamer: You do realize that you are a legend over here? You have a lot of fans and I guarantee you that you will be treated like royalty!

Arif S Kinchen: I’m not saying I would not come over, I really value my fans in the UK you are the most loyal and appreciative bunch around.

Sentral Gamer: We have an event here in the UK every year called Eurogamer Expo and if you got the chance you should come over as at these events they are so exciting and I guarantee you there would be a queue a mile long waiting for your autograph.

Arif S Kinchen: I’ve been to E3 this year and this is in fact the first year that I have attended one of these events and it is truly remarkable meeting all of the fans and working with Deep Silver and DS Volition afforded me the opportunities to meet famous people, attend parties and to play other games.

Sentral Gamer: Well from experience I can relate to how these events can make you feel and I can imagine how tense the event must have been with the next generation platforms formally shown off. Are you undecided about next-gen? Which one will you buy?

Arif S Kinchen: Well, that is a good question. If you look at Nintendo they make great games and they do well at aiming for the younger gamer. Although I have nothing against Sony, they are the original competitive superb gaming system, I do think that Microsoft has the edge as an “all in one system”, i’m not just saying that because I’m featured in a launch title, I genuinely mean it! My kids play on the Kinect all of the time and I like to get stuck in and have a blast with them keeping fit and getting involved! That is where Microsoft has done well in, plus the capability of Windows 8 and all of the apps that can be downloaded… it has real potential.

Sentral Gamer: We cannot argue with that. Speaking of your role in Dead Rising 3, I like a fair amount of people are pleasantly surprised that the game is a launch title for the Xbox One and that Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive too!

Arif S Kinchen: This is a remarkable game and I cannot wait for it to be released, you will all be pleased with Dead Rising 3, the whole Capcom-Vancouver team have done a fantastic job in making this game.

Sentral Gamer: We look forward to speaking to you again soon just after Saints Row 4 is released and to talk more in-depth about the story and more about your future plans and projects, thank you again for your time today!


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