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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


Resogun Review

If you own a PS4 you would have most likely played this master piece, if you haven’t then you simply don’t know what you’re missing.  This is one of the best launch titles to date and my god it’s an addictive one!  Resogun will have you in zen like states climbing the leader-boards like King Kong on the Empire State building, and if you check out the bottom of the review I’ll share some tips with you that got be to 12th in the world and in the top 20s on many of the levels!

If you’re not familiar  with Resogun, it’s best described as an old school style 2d shooter set around where you face off hordes of enemies on circular stages, five in total, there’s three ships to choose from and various difficulties to up the challenge and that’s pretty much it.  You can play all five stages in succession or independently to get the highest score possible for that particular level.

It’s not just mindless shooting though, there’s an objective in each level and that is to save the last humans, little green people that require to be saved and in return reward you with extra points and weapon upgrades, however it’s not all that simple, as these little green humans are fragile and can be lost in a blink if you don’t react quick enough!  Saving these little dudes is crucial if you want to be among the top ranked on Resogun’s Leader-boards.

resogunResogun looks stunning in pictures, but it’s just as stunning, if not better in motion


Visually, Resogun is gorgeous, frame rate never drops as the screen fills up with enemies and particles fill the screen in a volley of colourful explosions as you blast your way through hordes of enemies.  Resogun simply looks stunning in pictures, but in motion it looks just as beautiful, if not better.  Things get even crazier when you unleash your Overdrive which decimates everything it touches, seeing and playing this in 1080p on a 50” screen is a sight to behold.  The level design is also pretty however some are pretty similar in art style, it’s all very Gothic in some respect, I hope to see some variation in the future with DLC just to add more variety to the locals you fight in, none of the levels are ugly just similar.  Visuals aside, the music in Resogun is fantastic, each level has a different song and they sound awesome with a decent 5.1 headset, the base booms and each song suits the high octane action you’ll face while playing.

Resogun might appear to be a short game, but for what it lacks in length, it makes up for in depth.  Higher difficulties will give you a challenge that will keep you coming back to beat your friends high scores.  There’s even a Co-Op mode to play but it’s online only, while a local co-op mode would have been nice, it might have caused some issues, however the option to play online with a friend is awesome and things get really hectic when you have twice the chaos.  Resogun is a game where you will spend hours trying to perfect your skills, saving all humans and just feeling like a bad ass.  What’s great is that this game can be enjoyed by casuals and hard-core gamers with it’s simple pick up and play mechanics.

What games like Galaga and Space Invaders we’re to gamers all those years ago, Resogun is a modern version which captures the greatness of past shooters with twists of its own.  It’s without a doubt PS4’s best launch title.  It’s hectic, challenging, adrenaline pumping action that will keep you coming back for more! This is a must download for any PS4 owner.  See you on the Leader boards!


High score tips!

Getting a high score on Resogun can be tough, and you might be wondering how on earth some of the top ranks have nearly 100Million scores on individual stages, well unfortunately that’s not down to skill but an exploit, I recently contacted the Resogun Facebook group and they responded explaining that they are aware of the issue and it will be fixed with upcoming DLC.  However there was no information on if the leader boards will be reset.

That aside, I’m here to give you a few tips and pointers to get the best score possible, legitimately.

Rule number one is pretty simple, Overdrive, overdrive everything! Phobos is the best ship for this as it has the longest overdrive out the three ships.  The secret to a good Overdrive is timing, don’t waste it on a couple of enemies, wait till you actually have plenty to shoot at! Secondly, when the circle appears around your ship, let go just as it reaches the inside of your ships circles, this produces an EMP which helps boost your overdrive score!

Rule number two, Decima is possibly the best level to get an outrageous score, it’s also easier to do on experienced or higher.  When fighting the final boss, destroy the first cube, that will help max your multiplier, then attack the boss, but carefully until he releases another cube, don’t shoot it. Just keep shooting the boss cube until he unleashes another.  Now all you need to do is wait until both cubes are extremely close together then hit them with your overdrive and watch the points fly!

Rule number three, Save the humans! Yes this is something you’re supposed to do anyway, but it’s how you do it that counts.  Don’t save humans right away, but gather them up and cash them in later, shooting UFO’s that try and abduct your buddies rewards you with more points, also as your multiplier increases you receive more points!  Not all humans should be hoarded however, it’s best to take note what human gives you what, as humans that upgrade your overdrive is crucial early on.

Rule Number four, Bosses, never underestimate them, but the most challenging will be the final boss, especially if your going on an arcade score run or trying to beat arcade with not losing all lives for the trophy.  The  Mefitis boss  is extremely difficult to beat.  Phobos is particularly slow to out run the worm and you may lose all lives if your not nimble enough to evade it’s attacks.  Try and save bombs for initial attacks and use the Overdrive once health is low to make things easier.  The other 2 ships, Ferox and Nemisis make things slightly easier since their faster than Phobos, use boost to get away from projectiles or the hydra-like heads, and tread carefully during the attacks that come from above and beneath.  Only downside is firepower for the two other ships, it will take longer to kill hom and requires a good amount of concentration to make sure you get out in one piece.

Rule number five, don’t be afraid to use bombs.  Bombs are best used when you’re about to lose your multiplier, even though you get bonus points for not using them, it’s not really that much, the bombs should only be used in emergencies such as almost losing a multiplier because no one wants to lose a x15 multiplier!

Rule number six, Boost when you need to boost! Boosting can get you out of almost any bad situation, however with Phobos, the boost takes a long time to recharge and can cause you issues when trying to navigate the area, whether it’s to save a human in peril or simply avoid a boss.  Boosting is useful in taking out a chain of enemies however, especially if you want precision in taking out particular enemies that release humans from boxes.

Well that’s my six rules; I hope it helps you climb the leaderboards!

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