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Published on July 25th, 2013 | by Renate Solberg


Renate’s BioShock Adventures: As above, so below

In between now and actually writing the previous bit about my BioShock adventures, I’ve had a slight hiatus. Months, to be honest. What happened was twofold: 1) The first generation Xbox 360 was so loud and unstable that I couldn’t take it anymore, and 2) Mass Effect came into my life.

My thought was that perhaps a third person action game could sort of ease me into the first person shooter genre. So I picked up Mass Effect, and hey, where did my life go? Through the Omega-4 Relay never to be seen again, that’s where. I played through all three games on PC in record time (when you’re me), then I spent some time being shellshocked about, well, everything, but that’s another post for another day. As for 1), the geriatric Xbox, that problem was solved by simply getting a new one.

So the stage is set: I’m slightly better at aiming (albeit mostly on PC) and I have a new Xbox 360 that doesn’t sound like it is trying to take off for outer space.

This is where BioShock Infinite enters. I was backseat gaming it for a while, until one day I decided to take the wheel myself. Thankfully, I was on my Easter holiday. Easter holiday is when most Norwegians go skiing and eat oranges. I skylined my way through Columbia and ate hot dogs out of garbage cans. Now, much can be said about BioShock Infinite, and I have plenty to say about it, but that will have to wait. Suffice it to say that after the initial shock the ending gave me, I was ready and excited to get back to Rapture.

I had to replay the first bit because moving saves between Xbox Live accounts is a bit of a hassle, but as we all know I hadn’t gotten very far, so not much time was lost. Also this time around I blazed through it, because after the last battle of Columbia, I ain’t that scared. You don’t even KNOW the things I’ve seen and done, man. Or maybe you do if you’ve also played Infinite, whatever.

Now to come clean: I’ve played quite a few hours of BioShock that I forgot to write about. So I’ll try and quickly recap what I can remember and then get back to actually playing the game soon!

BioShock: Medical Pavilion

This seems like a pleasant and healthy environment…

Medical Pavilion. Emergency Access. I was at one point attacked by a gang of splicers, which would at an earlier time have made me tableflip and turn off the game, but now? No problem! Even the one that kind of came sneaking up behind me (still don’t know where she came from, underwater aliens?) didn’t ruin my calm. Unless you call the occasional button mashing “ruined calm”. I don’t. I’m a leaf on the wind (name the referenced TV show and get awesome points). A button mashing leaf that sometimes shouts obscenities at the TV.

Now, my memory is a bit fuzzy about the next parts, so here’s what I do remember, summed up in neat bullet points:

  • Crazy surgeon. He had to die. No regrets.
  • Incinerate plasmid. My enemies will burn like the heathen kings of old. Whale worshipping heathens.
  • Little Sister x2. Saved because I am just that nice.
  • Took down a Big Daddy, which means that I can’t be that bad at aiming any longer, right? Right? RIGHT??
  • Done some photography, like the Rapture tourist that I am.
  • Tonics, tonics everywhere!
  • Houdini Splicer, I hate you.
  • I lost my way in the Arcadia area, walking around tunnels of some sort? Found my way out eventually.
  • Hey there, tree lady!
  • Bye then, tree lady. :/
  • I was distracted by something and didn’t quite get all that stuff about the Lazarus Vector and what I’m supposed to do about it, oops.

And now we’re caught up! Next time we’re off to Farmer’s Market, in hopes of snagging some blueberry muffins and hopefully figure out this whole Lazarus Vector thing.


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