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Published on July 25th, 2013 | by Tony Scott


R.I.P.D Review

Story - 22%
Presentation - 30%
Gameplay - 40%
Longevity - 30%

Summary: This game should just Rest in Peace! However if you can find a friend to play with, you may get a slither of enjoyment.


Very Poor

R.I.P.D is a tie-in based on the movie of the same name, it is about the death and the afterlife.  The  world turns out to be packed with criminals trying to escape their divine retribution, and you are here to bring them to justice. With its unsatisfying gameplay and flawed game mechanics, I present to you R.I.P.D.

The game starts off with a very brief story montage of comic book style stills which does raise one smile at least. You are recently deceased Boston Cop Nick Walker, you are killed in a gunfight and you start working for R.I.P.D ( Rest in Peace Department ) you are teamed up with Roy Pulsipher (a wild west law bringer) and together you will bring down the dead criminals that are plaguing the streets.

The short and distinct lack of story is partly because there’s actually no campaign to speak of in R.I.P.D. This title is little more than a third-person co-operative shooter that has you fighting through seven very small horde mode maps with a final boss encounter at the end of each map. You can control either of the film’s two main characters, you select only 2 weapons at a time (yes 2 only and no extra weapon pick ups during the level) and some extra perks. Each level starts with no extra story or meaning as to why you are there or who you are there to arrest/kill, leading to each level having no more meaning over the last one.


You can earn money to upgrade and purchase new guns, this is what the game calls bounty. You get this bounty by enduring each of the 5 rounds on the map, but be warned if you quit early you get nothing. Each map starts with a 14 minute count down, this will increase a certain number of minutes at the end of each round, however if you die you lose 1 minute of the allocated time, once you get to zero the game is over.

To help you complete each level there are some chained special abilities such as turrets and decoys which allow you to overcome enemies when the swarm gets too intense. It’s not even that fun to kill them in the first place, this at least adds some satisfaction and meaning to the killing. To overcome each level the final boss has to be arrested which involves standing around the defeated enemy and waiting for a bar to fill up. If you want, you can shoot the enemy in the head, however this will earn you less bounty. There are no pick ups of any kind on any level, so once you start the level, you are stuck with the same load out so be careful what you pick. There are a fair choice of weapons to choose from but are unfortunately pretty unexciting to use, don’t give you much feedback and I was overall left a little unsatisfied by them.


The AI is terrible to say the least, its like shooting fish in a barrel, they will mindlessly run into your shotgun to their inevitable end. There are no tactics of any kind with the deados (that’s what they are called in the game) they won’t try and hide, they won’t try and flank you, just run directly towards you. There is however some variety in the deados, you get healers (that heal strangely enough) snipers that are amazingly accurate and some big ass ugly giant ones that do prove a challenge. The deados only defence are discarded car doors (even if the levels contain no cars) which some will use to hit you or shield against your carnage for a short while.

Graphically for a arcade game its not too bad however textures take a while to pop up and can be quite poor at times. There are some equally unimpressive explosions and poor animations as you play. This is especially true when you are say hit with a melee weapon, you just stand there motionless, maybe even shocked that someone bothered to have the AI to hit you. The levels are also filled with invisible walls and barriers to stop you going anywhere, one level involves a subway station with trains moving around and you cannot even end the misery by committing suicide in front of one as the invisible wall stops you.  The level design is not too bad however does lack a certain imagination and a little small in places to say the least.

I was once told I should look for the good in everything so is there there any fun at all in R.I.P.D? Well this is the option where you can invite a friend in to share your misery.

I was once told I should look for the good in everything so is there there any fun at all in R.I.P.D? Well this is the option where you can invite a friend in to share your misery. This game does support match making on Xbox Live, but most people will quit before you finish a level and finding someone to play with is tough. The best way to enjoy co-op is to play with a friend, this is where this generic shooter can offer some fun in clearing the levels quickly and someone to talk to when shooting the next wave of mindless deados. I did sort of enjoy the random challenges that appear every so often, picking up 5 gold trinkets in one minute which breaks the play up nicely, there is also a pretty cool betting system that lets you predict how you’ll score on goals like headshots and enemies killed against your friend.

The one saving grace for this game is that it is relatively cheap and basically it is like an old-school arcade game shoot em up so you wouldn’t expect it to be anything else really for the price. It suffers like most movie tie-ins from a distinct lack of time and resources, maybe Old School Games could of come up with something better if they just had more time and funds. The game in my opinion would of benefitted massively from more freedom, maybe top down view rather than 3rd person, more readily available weapons (deados actually dropping weapons) and just a little more structure with some sort of story campaign.

Overall this game with a few extra  additions could of been enjoyable, however as it is presented now it will die very quickly in my memory and I am sure will take its place in hell with most movie tie-in games. RIP


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  1. Why do they even try make games of movies anymore EG Aliens CM, Star Trek. Its just pure greed by companies. I hate the sound of this game but wouldn’t mind watching the movie. Apparently I watch crap so if its as bad as the game I should love it. Loved your Review Tony. Was going to ask if there was any game play but I don’t think I will now because I don’t think I could watch it.

    • Tony Scott says:

      Aliens was awful, star trek looked awful and this falls within this category. There was no gameplay unfortunately, as I don’t have a capture card yet but it is just really bad.

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