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Published on October 3rd, 2013 | by Jamie84303


Pivvot Review

Presentation - 94%
Gameplay - 96%
Longevity - 92%
Innovation - 98%

Summary: Tests have never been so much fun!



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Not the rhythm title initially conceived by many Pivvot is actually a “strategic avoidance” game as so eloquently described by its developer Whitaker Trebella, not that the music isn’t as catchy as the best of them. It somehow emits not only a zen-like quality setting the mood zoning you out only to focus on the gameplay, but at the same time adds to the intense moments of panic endured.

“Simply stunning” is how I would describe it, both visually and audibly and the gameplay isn’t bad either!

Extremely challenging but maybe not as insurmountable as the likes of The Impossible Game, mercifully? Difficulty level intentionally “nerfed” or not I find this much more accessible, replayable and enjoyable than the former. Maybe it’s not any less difficult? Maybe it’s just more of a good time? For me at least.  Through fear of being misunderstood and to clarify,  it’s not that I find the challenge of Pivvot easy, quite the opposite in fact and I’m really not that good, yet.  My point is, it’s a game I like to continue not rage quit, unlike some of it’s predecessors.

Tipped to be “This year’s Super Hexagon.” ( Terry Cavanagh’s trippy geometrical masterpiece . ) Pivvot definitely gives vibes of the aforementioned, but I would like to lovingly compare it to one of those physical buzz wire games, only with virtual controls and a pumping soundtrack.

( Headphones should be worn as standard when playing. )

So the aim of the game is to manoeuvre a ball tethered to a wire around a ( sometimes ) randomly generated twisting course scattered with progressively difficult obstacles, as far as you possibly can. While the game can be punishing, every obstacle you overcome and every second you survive treats you to more of the sensational soundtrack, uninterrupted. Though breaks are as long as you want them to be and in the event of your destruction via collision, you can jump back in and continue or restart the stage in mere seconds.
The controls are simple, you touch and hold either the left or right side of the screen to move clockwise, or anti-clockwise respectively and for as long as needed. Where as I’m sure there are bound to be elements of luck involved, you will notice you will get further the more you play – practise make perfect, or progress at least as your reflexes, timing and precision are tested.

There are currently seven different game modes, some unlockable after meeting targets in already unlocked modes. Mainly consisting of two types, Voyage and Endless with Expert, Random and Berserk varieties. In Voyage, there are checkpoints as opposed to Endless where upon death you start over from the beginning. They are attained by successfully avoiding four obstacles and then passing through a checkpoint. A ring encompasses your ball and ( time accumulated in Endless ), for every obstacle you avoid a fifth of it is highlighted and then ultimately filled and reset after every checkpoint reached.


I thought it was a bonus to have both endless stages and levels you can complete and replay to improve your score, gifting the best of both mobile gaming worlds we currently find ourselves in. That being said, there are actually also endings to the endless and you will discover what I mean when you play.

The graphics are minimalist yet a plenty, sharp yet smooth and together with the sounds, flow and radiate a sort of  Electro atmosphere – Trebella in the house!

Facebook and Game Center are available and optional with seven leaderboards to ascend.

Recently Pivvot received a massive update ( the second to last at press ) containing said new game modes, improvements, Everyplay integration and Facecam, if I recall correctly. Everyplay is like a social network for gamers, where you can comment, like and share video replays. Facecam conclusively gives mobile gamers the tools to easily create one-take slightly editable gaming commentaries. Both of the latter are welcomed, surprising additions to an already fantastic game and I do hope more developers adopt them in the future. As a reviewer, I could certainly make good use of the features. Unfortunately Facecam does not appear to be working when sharing a video to YouTube, or a link to the replay on Everyplay unless signed-in. Nevertheless, I am sure they are just teething problems and hope to embed an example video below if not a link as soon as possible – watch this space! I believe Whitaker is still working hard fixing issues and exterminating bugs as I type. I have been fortunate enough to not encounter any with the game itself, still it is reassuring to know they are being addressed for those having problems and I’m feeling the love with the updates!

Though it would work on other platforms, hopefully PC soon  (  Steam greenlight votes dependant ) this game is perfectly suited and made for touch screen devices. While I can understand this kind of app may not be for everybody, it is an affordable must try at the very least and an experience you don’t want to miss out on.


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Music and games by Whitaker Trebella:

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Still waiting on Everyplay to enable Facecam replay sharing on YouTube, in the meantime I thought I’d post this little video of me ending the endless! I cranked up the sensitivity a bit and after a few fails ( you can trim your replays afterwards, but I left mine in ) completed Endless Mode to unlock Expert Endless – I’m coming for you Berserk mode!


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