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MotoGP 13 Review

Gameplay - 92%
Story - 90%
Longevity - 94%
Innovation - 90%

Summary: A top notch return to form for Milestone and at the right time with MotoGP becoming more popular



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After the short hiatus of the Moto GP official licenced games, the Italian developers Milestone have picked up the game and with the under-rated WRC titles I have been very much looking forward to MotoGP 13. Much like how Formula 1 got more interesting with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel making headlines and getting more people interested in the sport after a 5 year domination of Michael Schumacher, Marc Marquez is doing the same for the Moto GP series. This year is the perfect time to bring back the franchise and quite honestly this is more enjoyable than the Formula 1 games of late.

In season mode everything that makes up a MotoGP weekend is here, a move that helps smooth out the single-player campaign. A wildcard drive across a handful of Moto 3 races is all that’s available at first, although it may seem easy to get first place on the practice sessions, qualifying and the warm up the moment you start the race there is no chance of staying there as the bike is not there in performance. This is deliberate and welcomed as you are required to finish ahead of a certain driver and feel proud to finish in the top 5 with the bike you have to drive.

Handling the bikes takes practice

It won’t be long before a couple of offers from leading teams in the bottom rung of the MotoGP ladder trickle through. You can see out an entire Moto 3 campaign or, if you so desire, take up one of the offers from Moto 2 teams that transpire should you impress in your first five races. The journey to MotoGP can be fast-tracked, effectively, and you’re never left languishing in lower formulae for too long. In my opinion it is best to start from Moto 3 and work your way up. Quite often gamers and racing fans overlook the lower formulas and the great talent that is amongst them. The power and feel of the bikes are different and mastering them will help in mastering the higher up bikes.
Much like how racing games are now there is a XP progression system which in time unlocks new helmets, bikes and riders to use in the casual form although in biker creation it would be better if there were more of a selection of riders faces to choose from. You have your own office that emails trickle into and where you can monitor your standings or make any changes to the races or bikers gear.

The physics of how the bikes feel when controlling have been an issue of past games and myself included I will admit I was absolutely rubbish and with the focus on the right position to be in for corners did not work for me with the cameras the way they were. In MotoGP 13 the helmet camera is exactly how it should be and I enjoy riding the bikes a lot more and becomes the only choice after a few races in. You can edit the assists to suit the hard core or to the most novice of gamer. I chose the top setting and when racing in the Circuit of the Americas, it is the most difficult to master as there are so many quick corners and first gear corners to get to grips with. Even the addition of the rewind does not really help at the first uphill corner of the track no matter how much or little you break the bike will crash so it is best to slow down uphill and dab the brakes. Each track is beautiful and my favourite is Mugello in the beautiful sunshine, a tough but rewarding track with plenty of opportunities to shave tenths off your times to sit on pole position or to avoid being overtaken.

It takes skill to master every bit of each track and further up the career ladder the more important it is to feel the bikes performance and know when you are not using the most of what you have got. Apart from the career mode there are other modes to play. Single GP and multiplayer are there to be played and multiplayer does become a crash fest most times I play but on the odd occasion it is a mode I enjoy playing. Best to stick to the career mode in my opinion as that is where the true experience of the game lies and Milestone can be very proud of what they have accomplished with MotoGP 13

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