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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Jamie84303


Minigore 2: Zombies Review

Presentation - 90%
Gameplay - 96%
Longevity - 94%
Innovation - 92%

Summary: Sometimes sequels flop, sometimes they become their predecessors evolved. This is a perfect example of the latter.



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While it’s no secret and not new to the App Store, Minigore 2 : Zombies is currently free for a limited time to celebrate Minigore’s fourth anniversary.

After recently downloading the game, I’d come to realise I had forgotten how much fun Minigore was. Mountain Sheep’s sublime sequel is bigger, badder and more chaotic than ever.

If you’re a fan of classic arcade arena-based twin-stick shooters, like Smash TV, or Robotron 2084, you’re bound to love Minigore 2.

Never played a twin-stick shooter before? Let me tell you, the controls are awesome!
You have two joysticks, or in this case, two virtual joysticks. The one on your left controls your movement and the one on your right, controls the direction of which you fire you weapon, or swing your melee weapon. Both are omnidirectional, smooth and give a, “unique to it’s genre”, gaming experience for the player. This game also has an auto-aim option and you can show, or hide the virtual joysticks for your playing and viewing pleasure.


The furries are gone ( at least they were, I’m sure I’ve seen some of them, maybe added in an update? I believe you can now play as one too! Oh yes, surprise surprise it has something to do with facebook, I digress. ) A new threat emerges from the dark corners of Hardland. The legendary Metusalem has brought to life undead hordes of zombies, including giant lumberjacks, killer penguins and a single moose. Slice, dice and shoot you way through sunny lakes, graveyards and freezing plains into a stormy forest for the final showdown. A desert arena is also available as an unlockable venue, where there are no items and no saves. Just you, “them” and your place on the leaderboards. Which leads me nicely to the fact there are also eight achievements to “achieve”. Both of these can be found in Game Center.

60 different enemies, seven unique bosses and 300 awesone challenges await you. There are 20 playable characters, including guest stars, such as Zombieville USA and of course John and Jerry Gore make an epic return.

As well as unlocking and levelling up your character, you can unlock and upgrade 10 or more melee and ranged weapons ,and there are single use items available for purchase in the merchant’s wagon. This can be accessed at anytime during gameplay, or inbetween levels. The game’s chosen currency are gold coins. These are dropped in piles, or chests by enemies upon death.

Your health bar is shown by way of three hearts. Lose all three and it’s game over. Luckily, you can restore them via crate pick ups and progress is saved periodically, including level saves. Clovers can also be gathered, collect three and enable beast mode to temporarily plough through your enemies like a steamroller! Pick up weapon and companion crates to use unlocked weapons with limited ammunition, or durability and a companion with limited time fighting at your side.

For the most part you want to be constantly moving in this game,

or you could soon find yourself becoming surrounded, or cornered – overwhelmed by more rotting flesh than you could shake a stick at! Forcing you to hack and slash, or shoot a clear path to safety. Being arena-based the maps are relatively small, but big enough to catch a breather and not feel claustrophobic. Use the environment to your advantage. Such as moving between walls to lessen and separate the mass of approaching undead. Melee weapons are useful against smaller zombies, but not so effective towards larger foes. Get too close and you could be pummelled to death. Some enemies have ranged weapons, so will you also find yourself dodging projectiles.

You view the action from a third-person perspective and it looks great. No matter how much is going on on screen, there is no lag. The graphics look as though they were ripped straight from a beautifully illustrated pop-up 3D storybook. Each character has their own amusing one-liners and it’s one of those games I’d definitely recommend playing while wearing headphones to enhance the experience with it’s fantastic soundtrack.

Random patterns ensure no two fights are the same, the animations are procedural and thanks to the proprietary engine, are capable of showing upto 150 zombies on screen at any one time. The game is also universal, so you get “MOAR” Minigore in more ways than one. With the developers including both level based challenges and arena high scores, this gives the game massive replayability value too.

Should you like your games frantic, challenging, bloody and with a sense of humour, get your gore on and download Mountain Sheep’s second helping of intestines and internal organs on iOS now.








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