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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Jamie84303


Lep’s World 3 is coming to the App Store this month!

Earlier this morning nerByte gmbH announced via their Lep’s World 2 twitter account that Lep’s World 3 would be arriving on iOS in a matter of weeks, possibly days!

Until now, they have teased screenshots but all that we have known is that the third Lep’s World game would be released sometime this year. Like the first two, lite and paid versions will be available. However, of course there will be all-new content in this part by way of ten new enemies with new abilities to challenge, a bunch of brand new platforms and a mini-game in each level.

On the 29th of July, nerByte shared their celebration of the 60,000,000th download of Lep’s World. It has kind of become the Mario of iOS. Stay tuned for more information as we get it and I’m sure there’s bound to be a review in the pipeline of the return of this much loved and long awaited platformer.

If you have yet to play Lep’s World, now is the perfect time to download the first two instalments and hopefully bring yourself up to date in time for the next – links and screens to follow:

Lep’s World iTunes preview:

Lep’s World Plus iTunes preview:

Lep’s World 2 Plus iTunes preview:

Lep’s World 2 Official website:







***So yesterday Lep finally tweeted a release date and this morning shared the official trailer.  Leps World 3 lands on the App Store  Halloween!

Are you excited? I know I am, check the video below;



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