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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


The Lego Movie Game Review


Summary: Lego as you know it and love it. This movie adaptation is just lovely with just a few niggles!


Everything Is Awesome

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In the past few years we’ve had a tonne of Lego games being released, such as Lego harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Avengers, DC Universe, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and the list goes on.   Well Lego has now hit the big screen and of course a game has followed suit!

The Lego movie game (It’s a mouthful I know) touches a sweet spot for me, it’s extremely funny, entertaining and has a huge roster of talent, heck even Batman is in it!  All the things to expect from a Lego game are there, crazy characters, building, finding secrets and of course getting that awesome 100%

The story coincides really well with the movie where you’ll get to play as Emmet along with another 90 characters on a crazy adventure; the game features many scenes from the actual film too.  The game play blends really well between the cut scenes that set up each level perfectly.  I have to note, I’ve not seen the movie, however the more I play the more I want to see it despite having a good idea what will happen.  To put it simply, it’s great fun.  TT Games know what they are doing; they have their Lego craft down to a T.


Level design is first class, there’s a huge variety of locals, my favourite being Cloud Cuckoo Land, where you meet UniKitty where rainbows appear each time she jumps, just don’t upset or make her angry.  The visuals look great on next gen too, I played the PS4 version and it looked stunning; it has a lovely shine to it that makes it look more impressive compared to older platforms, at times it looks like a Pixar movie.  Sound design is also good, but what’s absolutely awesome isn’t  just the catchy “Everything is Awesome” song, but the voice talent, this must be the only game I’ve played to have the likes or Will Farrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and a huge roster of talented actors lending their voice to the characters in a video game! Did I mention Batman is also in it?

at times it looks like a Pixar movie.

Game play is more or less the same as Lego games before it with a few additions such as Master builder where certain characters can take three particular pieces and build something epic like a SPACESHIP! (Gotta love Benny) There are a few other small mini games such as dancing games, picking the right brick in the instructions and a Pac Man like mini game.  There’s of course things to unlock and find which in Lego Game fashion requires an extra play through, however their isn’t as much to unlock in this particular title, there are no mini kits, these have been replaced with 5 hidden instructions per level, no citizens in peril, these have been replaced with pants, Red Bricks aren’t absent however and of course there’s lots of characters to unlock.  In between each level you have an area to explore before advancing on to the next level, however they do feel a little bare, would have been nice to find extras even behind the scene peeks of the movie etc.  Compared to other games it is shorter, but the ride is a good one and will have you laughing and having fun along the way.

As much as I love the game, everything could have been a bit little more awesome. Hidden levels are also redundant, there is one bonus level, but it would have been nice for special levels for characters like Shakespeare and other characters that you don’t really find yourself playing as, they kind of end up redundant.  Lego Marvel on the other hand did this very well since it had various levels that involved pretty much all the unlockable characters, so it’s a little disappointing that there’s no extra content for the other characters in game.  Depending how you look at it, no online Co-op is disappointing since I can’t play it with friends or family unless they’re next to me.  It’s mainly for on the couch Co-op which does work great, especially via remote play which it’s flawlessly done.  It would be nice to have online Co-Op in Lego games in the future, and something tells me that it won’t be long until we have a Lego MMO!


Lego games do have an attraction and a lure that keep me playing until 100%, this might not be as long or full of content like its predecessors, but it’s a very fun game with stunning locals, brilliant voice acting and an hilarious story that will keep you playing for hours.

If you’re 7 or 87 you’ve probably played with Lego and you’ll probably love the movie and the game as much as I have.  Lego the Movie is currently available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii-U, 3DS and PC. Pretty much everything!





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