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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Renate Solberg


Introducing: Renate’s BioShock Adventures


Have you ever wanted to play a game that is normally out of your comfort zone, just because it appeals to you aesthetically? This is the case with me and BioShock. Ever since I first laid eyes on BioShock I have loved the look and feel of it. Here’s the thing though: I don’t really do first person shooters. Or first person at all. I’m more of a third person RPG person (Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc.).

Also, I’m easily scared. Really. I have been known to scream like I’m the star of a horror movie, just because someone hid behind a door and jumped out. Are friends even supposed to do that when they KNOW that it will scare the living daylights out of you? Isn’t there some kind of law against it, or if not a law, at least a well known and respected custom?

Anyway, back to BioShock. I’m going to try it. I really am. It will probably be slow going, because I have a tendency to just turn off games that scare me, sometimes the second they scare me, because my heart, IT JUST CAN’T TAKE IT.

Please note that I do not have a heart condition that I am aware of. Most likely, my heart can take it, or I wouldn’t even try.

It will also be slow going because I do in fact have a full time job, while at the same time attempting to write a master’s thesis.

And you, you will get to follow my feeble attempt to conquer my fear of scary beings attacking me in first person. I mean, scary beings attack in Dragon Age as well, but they’re not all up in my face, so it’s fine.

Ready? Let’s go!

First attempt: Welcome to Rapture. Sort of.

Ok. I started up the game (good grief, that first gen 360 is loud!). Watched the first intro bit. Swam to shore while cursing the controls (alas, no invert X-axis, but hopefully I’ll get used to it eventually). Went inside. Got in the pod thing. Watched another intro bit. Enjoying myself so far, even though the deep sea kinda freaks me out. Also, whales. They freak me out a little bit because of their SIZE. When I was a kid someone told me that a newborn blue whale is the size of a living room, and let me tell you, our living room back then was pretty big.

BioShock: Whale

The whale that spawned the expression ‘whalequit’, now often used in my gaming.
Image credit

And then the game started, I suppose, with a splicer attacking my pod. This is where I turned off the game because the thought of something attacking me while I hadn’t yet gotten the hang of the controls really scared me.

It sounds even more pathetic when I write about it than it was when it happened, I swear. Also, I realise that this part is sort of more about whales than it is about the game, but that will change. I hope.

Second attempt: Welcome to Rapture, for real this time!

Ok, my second attempt got me out of the pod and into Rapture for real. It’s already scaring me. Time to adjust the darkness settings…

I think, however, that my being scared might help when it comes to killing things, because it ups the rate of my button mashing. This works very well, at least when the target is right in front of me. I realise that they will not always be right in front of me, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Unless the river is shallow enough for me to wade across it.

So far in the game I have killed two splicers and apparently almost killed myself by falling off a balcony while my DNA updated itself so that I could shoot lightning bolts out of my hands (or at least one hand, I’m not sure what the other hand is up to all the time). Please note that this was the game’s doing, not my own. So in reality, I haven’t made any big mistakes yet. Except perhaps thinking that I might ever get through this game.

Is a derelict medical wing ever a good place to be?

My sneaking around in Rapture continues! This early afternoon I’d built up enough courage to give the game another go, and so boldly went where tons of people have gone before me, since the game came out in 2007: The Rapture Medical Pavilion.

Well, before going there I finished some other things, most notably dodging a Little Sister and her Big Daddy (in a cut scene, but whatever, it totally counts), killing a splicer on fire and taking the elevator to higher ground. A part of me is still a little sad that completing an objective gets me nothing. A level up would have been nice about now.

I’m somewhat getting the hang of moving around and aiming to kill things. However, I encountered a moving target, which caused some problems because I kept turning the wrong way, looking up when I should look down etc (sidenote – since I can’t invert the X-axis, I’ve opted not to invert Y either). I got him in the end, though. I also learned that you can’t shoot electro bolts between stair railings. Pah!

This play hasn’t been too scary – I’ve even ventured into areas away from where the objective arrow pointed me, just to check out what was there! Other achievements include using a weapon other than the wrench, hacking a Security Bot, and not dying. Yay!

All in all great progress has been made now. 1: I made it to a new place, the Medical Pavilion, 2: I didn’t die, and 3: I only stopped playing because the game crashed, not because I was too scared to go on.

Also, no whales spotted. They might be hiding to pop out at me when I least expect it, though – just like everything else in this game.

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