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Published on July 28th, 2013 | by Paul Hibbs


Hotline Miami Review

Story - 80%
Gameplay - 98%
Longevity - 96%
Presentation - 96%

Summary: This is what the Vita was made for!


Brutally Brilliant

Don’t let the colourful lights and retro 8-Bit graphics fool you, Hotline Miami is THE most brutal and down right bloodiest game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. But be warned, to play Hotline Miami and get some sort of pleasure feels very wrong, but oh so right.

seedy, dark and just nasty

This game presses all the right buttons and is quite possibly more addictive than my last gaming addiction; Peggle. Now the two games have nothing in common, one is fluffy & happy and full of ‘ode to joy’. The other is seedy, dark and just nasty. So why so addictive?

Hotline Miami is the perfect combination of bite size gameplay mixed with twitch like controls, boatloads of violence and a good story. Yes hidden beneath this bloodbath of a game lie’s, although simple and short, a story. But this isn’t why I’ve stared at my Vita’s screen for hours and hours, it’s nice to have but isn’t the reason why you’ll keep coming back for more.

What will is the gameplay, a simple yet hard to master control system that will have you busting down doors, breaking necks, shooting fools and pounding lead pipes into what will soon be piles of teeth and guts where a head once lay.

If this sounds gruesome then you ain’t seen nothing yet and you may want to avoid this one if your of faint heart. There seams to be no getting away from the violence but strangely after hours of gameplay, you, like the main character focus less on the blood and body count and more on the technical side of what your doing. It’s an amazing thing the developers have achieved and something that most Triple-A games fail miserably at doing. You become conditioned to the violence and start to think more technically about the killing. This is the games best mechanic and what you will find most addictive.

you WILL die over and over and over again

At the end of each level you are given a score, based on things such as; multi kill combo’s, variety of weapons used and speed etc. There are many other ways to earn points but you will only learn them through playing. The more points you earn the higher grade you get but believe me when I say you WILL die over and over and over again in peruse of your A+ rank for each of the games twenty plus levels.

Even though you will mostly repeat the same level countless times over the game never gets old, there is always something new to experiment with, a new gun to use or a new mask to try out. Masks are a huge part of the game and each have a unique skill you can only use whilst wearing that particular mask. The game is also filled with unlocks and secrets and after fifteen plus hours I’m still looking for most of them.

I can’t talk about Hotline Miami without talking about the style & sound of the game, quite simply both have been done externally well. The music is 8-Bit at its best and suits the games dark, violent tone very well. It’s repetitive enough to sound like the 8-Bit music of old but with a nice modern twist and never gets dull. The visuals are 8-Bit enough to take you back to that 80′s, VHS era but again has a very modern twist that helps set the mood and tone of the game perfectly.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is a cross buy game meaning you get both the PS3 & Vita versions when you buy it. Although if I am honest it’s nice to play Hotline Miami on the big screen it’s the Vita’s OLED screen really makes the game’s visuals pop and there are some very good uses of the Vitas touchscreen that feel absent when you play on the PS3.


That said both are very good and each have there own ups and downs but these are small and wont take anything away from the experience. My only gripe with Hotline Miami, if you can call it that is the lack of levels. Although the game will take a while to complete, when all is said and done I wish there were, not only more levels but more variety of levels, some do have the same feel and look. But this is a small criticism and to be honest speaks volumes to the games quality, after all to have made a game where people still want more after fifteen hours of play is an extremely good achievement by the guys at Dennaton Games.

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