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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by Greenie86


Guacamelee: Gold Edition Review

Story - 94%
Gameplay - 98%
Presentation - 96%
Longevity - 96%

Summary: Guacamelee Gold Edition is the best version of the game and works on most PC's and infact one of the best PC games ever! Well done Drinkbox



Drinkbox Studios are treating PC gamers to the popular PS3 and Vita game Guacamelee, only this time you get all the DLC and custom skin generator in the Steam workshop all in one nice little bundle that does not break the bank balance. I have the luxury of owning all versions and the PC version is one that can be regarded as the best. The story is pretty much unchanged. If you are not familiar with it then here is the facts.

You play as an Mexican luchador wrestler named Juan Aguacate, who sets out to save the world when El Presidente’s Daughter is kidnapped by an Evil Charro Skeleton named Carlos Calaca. The story takes place in and around a small village in Mexico, and has the player swapping between dimensions known as “The Living World” and “The Dead World” on his quest to rescue the girl he loves.

Guacamelee Gold Edition is a fantastic package in terms of gameplay and value

In terms of gameplay at the beginning  Juan is just a big burly guy with some good moves, it doesn’t take long though for him to be transformed into a deadly combo-stringing luchador of sheer destruction, advanced moves unlock at even intervals that both put the hurt on enemies and open blocked off paths follow right behind. The initial basic move set is a punch combo with positional modifiers, and a tap of the right stick does a dodge roll that also gives a quick moment of invincibility. Special moves that use a block of power come along rapidly, earned by finding and destroying some suspiciously familiar statues. These abilities are color-coded to specific blocks along the path, making it easier to differentiate and later enemies come with glowing shields that can only be breached by the move of their color. Additionally, some moves, such as the uppercut, are required for advanced jumping puzzles.It took me a good half an hour to figure out what I needed to do. And then things start to get interestingly tricky. Having a control pad is vital, although you can get around ok using the keyboard, getting the more complex combos will infuriate you, but if you are a wizz with that then that does not pose too much of a problem.

For visuals it is the window dressing that really brings Guacamelee!‘s world to life. The art throughout is stylish and vibrant, bursting with colour and a dynamic angular style. There are tons of jokes and references in the background art and villager dialogue, and the levels are loaded with personality. The story itself is a silly cartoon plot, but it’s a fun silly cartoon plot so that’s what I like in video games! Everything works together perfectly, and the only disappointment is that the game is somewhat short. It’s also perfectly tuned with barely a wasted screen, so the game length ends up being more feature than problem, if just barely.


The Devil’s Playground DLC in particular partially gives it a boost of an extra hour or two. Additionally, Guacamelee! Gold Edition includes a tool that allows for fully customizable character skins that you can create, with a little know-how this feature is an absolute diamond!

Guacamelee Gold Edition is a fantastic package in terms of gameplay and value. It may not last as long as you want it to, but the inevitable desire to keep playing is testament to its finely-tuned action and creative level design, and with the handy modding tutorial paving the way for Flash users, there’s great potential for the community to jump in and add to the fun. Even if 2D platformers aren’t your thing, Guacamelee’s bound to have something for everyone, whether it’s the humour in the writing and world design, the great combat, or even the ability to transform into a chicken. It’s an excellent ride while it lasts, and with the extra content on board, the PC version is the best way to travel through the troubled town of Pueblucho in style.


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