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Published on September 5th, 2013 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


Games that need a Reboot or a Remake!

There’s thousands of amazing games out there but some have been forgotten and lost to the past, some of these games I have played, enjoyed and have awaited for their rightful sequels or reboots to arrive.  Sometimes I wonder if they will ever see the light of day and will they ever grace my gaming device with their greatness? So I’ve compiled a list of games I would like to see to make a comeback, this is, the list of games that need a reboot or a remake!



Onimusha was a great trilogy starting as multi-platform, it eventually became a Sony exclusive after the first game, the most memorable for me was Onimusha 2 (My favourite of the series) and then was Onimusha 3 which will be remembered for Jean Reno as a playable character!  Throughout the series you played as legendary warriors Samanosuke Akechi or Jubei Yagyu (Onimusha 2) fighting the demonic hoards and then eventually fighting Nobunaga. The game had fixed camera angles and had similar design choices to the resident evil games with various traps and puzzles.  It’s a series that certainly deserves a reboot or sequel following a new story and character in feudal Japan, perhaps Tadakatsu Honda?



Medieval was a favourite game of mine back on PlayStation, fighting as Sir Daniel Fortesque who had no jaw, slaying evil across the land of Gallowmere, it was good fun.  The game was very humorous along with being a decent  plat-former which was developed by  SCE Cambridge Studio.  Sir Dan did appear back in 2005 with a remake of the classic on PSP. Many things such as level design, characters, and plot elements were changed drastically.  Some levels from the original were not included at all while completely new levels and characters were introduced.   He also appeared in PlayStation all Stars as a playable character too! So Sir Dan has certainly not been forgotten.  Could we see a return of our jaw-less Knight? I’d like to think so!

Smash TV


Big money! Big prizes! I love it!! Since it was taken down from Xbox Live market place a few years ago, it’s never been re-introduced, which is ridiculous, considering it’s one of the best coin-op games ever made!  Since then I wondered if it would be brought back with a sequel (It was always teased upon completion of the game) however I’m still waiting for one. Though Smash TV never received a proper sequel, many of the same people responsible for the game went on to produce Total Carnage, a game that maintained the same control style and applied it to a vertical scrolling world.  There were also rumours a few years ago about a HD remake, however there’s been no more news about it of recent.  I want Smash TV to come back,  It was great fun, especially in Co-op, it also provided a near impossible challenge and had fantastic replay value! BRING IT BACK!



Forsaken was one of the most memorable games that I played along with three other people via local multi-player on the good-ol-N64.  It consisted of flying motorcycles and collecting weapons like Scatter missiles, Solaris rockets, and the deadly TITAN rocket to name a few.  It was a race for the best weapons, then me and my friends would hide and stalk each other unleashing hell as soon as someone was insight, it was a brilliant multi-player experience and it needs to be remade for either current gen or next gen. The multi-player combat was more or less an arms race, it was a sprint for the best weapons however you weren’t invincible if you had several of the best armaments, you might be unlucky enough to be hit by a cheeky scatter missile, which would cause you to lose all your weapons giving the enemy a chance to steal them, it was a great mechanic keeping the game play balanced!  The campaign was pretty forgettable though, so If it does get released it should be certainly multi-player focused with customisable bikes and more variety in weapons.  I do think this game needs a revival even if it’s free 2 play.



The Dinosaur shooter that was made famous on N64 was one of the most successful games of all time, then it got remade in 2008 featuring Ron Pearlman! Sadly the game met average reviews and I personally didn’t enjoy it as much either, although the knife kills were pretty fun, but it was just plain shooting from beginning to end and I wanted something more open and less linear.   However I don’t think our renowned Dinosaur hunter is retired yet.  There’s a huge lack of Dinosaur games these days and Turok deserves another chance to shove his Bowie knife in a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s neck!  I would like to see a true open world Turok-game combining survival and stealth, with tools to either kill or heck even control Dinosaurs.  I mean come on, what’s more bad ass than Turok riding a T-Rex?  Nevertheless I hope this franchise gets a decent reboot on next gen, there is plenty of exciting places where this franchise can be taken, also I’m kind of getting sick of Zombie games so it be nice to see some Dino killing return. On a further note Propaganda games (Who rebooted the franchise) was shut down by Disney in 2011, hopefully the franchise will be revived by another studio in good time.

Medal of Honor front line.


Sadly this might be a long shot after the franchise was dropped by EA, but I hold out a slight hope that one more World War 2 game sporting the name Medal of honor will have it’s day on next generation consoles. Yes we’ve been saturated with WW2 games in the past, but front line was one of the greatest.  I’ll never forget front-lines opening beach landing which was amazing back in 2002.  I hope EA don’t just cast off historic World War 2 battles in favour of modern day shooters.  As I feel on next gen consoles there is a huge opportunity to release a WW2 game that will be the ultimate experience. There’s a chance here for a powerful story and a chance to make something truly special!

The Getaway


Now I’m a huge fan of British gangster films like Snatch and Lock Stock, and ‘Getaway’ was as close as you could get to actually being in those movies.  Developed by Team Soho, the game focuses on two characters each with their own plot setting, Detective Constable Frank Carter and an ex-bank robber, Mark Hammond with both plots running parallel and intersecting before concluding in the finale of the game. It was, for it’s time, visually impressive and driving down the streets of London dodging black cabs trying to escape the fuzz was a blast. Now I’d honestly love to see Team Soho do another British Gangster game taking place once again in London, including other locations in Britain such as Manchester and Sheffield. There was recent rumours that it could come to PS4 and it still may well be a possibility.  There’s so much scope for so many stories to be told in a British gangster setting, its something I’d love to see and experience again! If Sony ever wanted an exclusive that would blitz in Europe, especially here in the UK, a brand new Getaway game would be a great addition.

Dino Crisis


What ever happened to Dino Crisis? Well if you must know, the 3rd game sucked.  However Dino Crisis 2 remains one of my favourite games of all time.  It was so enjoyable, I used to complete it multiple times in a day, blasting Raptors in the face and running for my life from the T-Rex was great fun! It’s about time Capcom get their act together and start making great games like they used to, although I fear if they were to do another Dino Crisis game it would end up being a generic 3rd person cover shooter, as the days of locked camera angles seem to be behind us, but if they stick to the formula that made those games great it could certainly work even today.  Same could be said for Resident Evil as there was talk about a Resident Evil 2 remake also.  Let’s hope Capcom get themselves sorted out!

Resident Evil 4


Wait why is this here? I imagine that’s what you’re thinking now, but in fact I agree that Resident Evil 4 was pretty good, but what I want to see is the game it was supposed to be.  A while ago a video appeared showing Resident Evil 4 before it became a 3rd person quick time event romp.  The original concept oozes atmosphere, the music, the fixed camera angles, and the dread of not knowing what was round the corner. It seemed to have more of a Fatal Frame feel to it as Leon walks cautiously with his flash light raised illuminating the darkness before him.  That version of the game needs to be released! I don’t see why not, it’s true style Resident Evil, look for yourself on youtube, it looks better than the last few games combined!

Jurassic Park operation Genesis


Jurassic Park games haven’t had the best track record in recent history, but there is one that stands out among the rest and that is Operation Genesis. It was practically theme park with dinosaurs and it was brilliant. I’d spend hours building my park filling it with my favourite Dinosaurs (The meat eating ones) then that ‘oh no there’s a storm’ moment, laughing happily as the Raptors have broken out and are eating the park visitors.  There was even a Site B mode where you literally have Dinosaur death matches! I would love to see this game to make a comeback hopefully with the release of the new Jurassic park movie, we might see such a game come to light.  It was one of the most successful and enjoyable Jurassic Park games made to date!  At this moment in time the PC version is well supported with MODS to enhance the game-play but I really would like to see a sequel to arrive in the future. Note, there actually is a Jurassic Park builder on mobile devices which is free to play however expect to fork out £20 if you want a T-Rex, yes that’s right £20 for a Dinosaur.

Prey 2


Finally we come to Prey 2, a sequel we have all been waiting for, but sadly this game has fallen into video game Limbo, not even Bethesda will give a straight answer as to what’s going on with this title.  The original plot idea didn’t really blow me away either, you were to be U.S Marshall  Killian Samuels, who starts the game on a passenger flight which suddenly crashes onto the Sphere (You might remember scene from the original Prey). At the end of a short battle with some aliens he is knocked unconscious, after which the plot jumps forward several years.   Samuels is now a bounty hunter on the alien world Exodus. That’s where it lost me.  I was hoping to be Tommy once again taking the fight to the Aliens after what they did to his lover! The original Prey was very good and it’s also a  very under rated game! Perhaps due to it’s delay the developers Human Head Studios might take Prey back to it’s roots!  I don’t think the bounty hunter story-line suited the games theme, especially after what the first game did so well so I hope that they do take off from where they left Tommy in the first game.


So that’s eleven titles I’d like to see remade or receive a long awaited sequel, there’s a few other games to mention, however I could go on forever!  So it’s now over to you! What games would you like to see remade or receive a sequel? Do you think the games I mentioned have a place on next gen or do you feel that these games should be left in the past? Leave your answer below!

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