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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by SharnOfTheDEAD


Female soldiers spark sexist controversy in COD ghosts

After the Call of duty Ghosts reveal, there wasn’t a great deal to talk about due to the fact it’s more of a ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ game. As expected there were the usual new weapons, dynamic maps, additional modes, slight graphical tweaks but nothing to wow users who are looking forward to next gen, oh and of course dogs.  However there was one change that many have been waiting for, it was announced that you will be finally be able to play as a female soldier in Call of duty’s multi-player for the first time ever, which is great right?

Well not according to some of the brain dead members of the community that like to talk from the same appendage they think with (Their arse).  Below are just a handful of comments I’ve seen in the last twenty four hours about the addition of female soldiers to the multi-player.

“As long as the main character is not a female I don’t think it would be a big deal. If they want to kill this franchise the should go ahead and put a female lead, would be funny to see the COD franchise fail.”

“Yes I am annoyed and this is a big downside to me.  Like I said, most female gamers do not even play COD.  Nobody asked for this, except a few feminists and annoying liberals who want to force their beliefs on others.”

“woman and war go together like men and shopping… Just simply no!”

“We added females in the game to be politically correct.  It was to please the 1% of females who actually play this game, so we added totally unrealistic female soldiers, even if there was basically no demand at all for it.”

“There had better be a map called “Kitchen” in the multi-player.”

“And you can play as a woman in CoD Ghosts… But only three weeks out of the month.”

If it be jokes or actual ‘serious’ comments they are incredibly distasteful and immature.  Another statement almost made me spit my tea all over my laptop..

“As long as the main character is not a female I don’t think it would be a big deal. If they want to kill this franchise the should go ahead and put a female lead, would be funny to see the COD franchise fail.”

In all seriousness I have never read so much BS on the net in a mere few hours and I’m on it a lot. However such sexists comments and uproar are just plain ridiculous and goes to show how immature and pathetic some ‘gamers’ (and I use that term loosely for these people) really are.  The comment about the main character being female would cause the game to ‘fail’ is the biggest pile of nonsense I’ve read this year.  Clearly this person hasn’t played games such as tomb raider or seen the up and coming Beyond two souls, both of which are action orientated games with a female lead. Oh but wait, those games aren’t FPS games or have Call of duty in the title so no way could a female character be in the game or have any substantial effect on campaign if there was one.  Such nonsense!

Also it makes sense to have female soldiers, even for the narrative, America has been invaded, pockets of resistance remain, if it be a man or woman they would take up arms.  That applies to the online battlefield also.  There seems to be this general consensus that women can’t be soldiers. Ever heard of the US army Sappers? Women on the front line may be against the law in America, but there’s no such thing that says they are incapable! Put reality at the side, at the end of the day online gaming is about being whoever you want to be.  The fact that they have allowed that in Call of duty is great. It’s just the reason they gave, that sounds like PR rubbish!

 Gears-of-War-3-Delivers-Good-Female-Characters-2Gears Is well known for it’s bad ass female characters.

The PR rubbish applies to the explanation from Mark Rubin saying it was technical limitations for character customization that kept female characters out of past Call of Duty games. This is utter rubbish! Sorry I don’t buy that one single bit.  We’ve had female characters back on N64 in goldeneye, are you telling me that it wasn’t a possibility to remap a face for a character or change gender due to technical limitations on their engine? Perhaps this was due to it being old and outdated? But wait wasn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar  in Nazi Zombies? The answer there is yes, yes she was.

Also in answer to the idiotic hoard of comments and outrage about the addition of female characters – it is utterly stupid, there’s no other way to phrase it.  In recent games female characters are becoming more common.  Here’s a list just to educate those few:  Gears Of War, The Last of us, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Mass Effect 3, Rise of the Triad, Borderlands, Halo, Saints Row,XCom Enemy Unknown, Perfect dark – I guess you get the point, it’s not a rarity so why the uproar?

Perhaps it’s the user that commented on a Game spot article which was more or less spot on.

“We all know damn well why there weren’t any playable females in COD before…  It’s because the vast majority of COD players are young heterosexual males who are so incredibly insecure about their sexuality that they need to be able to play as a bad ass male soldier to affirm their manhood. “

The statement hits it on the head pretty much! I simply don’t get the hostility towards the opposite sex in a video game.  Since when did sexuality dictate who can and who can’t play games? Never!  Is it something to get angry about and stamp your feet like a 2 year old having a paddy? Hell know! Do some of the gaming community need a firm slap round the head and have a large amount of growing up to do? Certainly!

This wild assumption that female gamers make up 1% of the gaming community is complete nonsense! In fact  45% of gamers are women and they make up 46% of the most habitual video game purchasers, according to a new study by the Entertainment Software Association. The study, “2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry,” found that adult women represent 31% of the video game population and boys 17 and under make up only 19% of gamers!

Another recent study from Magid Advisors found that 70% of women between the ages of 12 and 24 play video games, as do 61% of women between the ages of 45 and 64, compared to 57% of men in the latter age group.  So yeah, it’s certainly not 1%

You might be thinking why should I be bothered about this? It’s because as a man it makes me sick seeing other men talk so much dribble.  A good deal of my online friends are girls and they have every right to play what they want as who they want! Just as I do.  Gaming is not about making divides, it’s not gender specific! Discrimination, racism and sexism have no place there, despite what imbeciles think! Gaming is for everyone!

Now suck it up and quit being immature douches online –  play nice!

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