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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Gameplay - 94%
Story - 90%
Longevity - 88%
Innovation - 92%

Summary: A worthy XBLA title by Ubisoft and is just as good as Far Cry 3



Far Cry 3 was one of the best-selling games in 2012 and gamers have been hungry for DLC since release, Ubisoft have released some co-op maps and some pre-order bonuses made available to all users but something more was needed. Step forward the Xbox Live Arcade game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

From the very beginning of the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is already complete lunacy with a very obvious reference to the opening of Predator. Michael Biehn who played Kyle Reese in the Terminator Series now plays Rex Colt who spits out more one liners than all 80’s action movie combined. Almost every film cliché from that era is all wrapped up in this one game making the story automatically bettering more appealing than Far Cry 3’s plot as it takes the narrative to some ridiculous places. In the world of Blood Dragon, there was nuclear war and as a result soldiers are part cyborgs. You end up in a fight against your former commander who killed your partner and now you have to stop him from taking over the world! A Pretty standard and very cheesy storyline but then the game throws in every twist and turn you can imagine and you will most likely find yourself rolling around on the ground laughing from all of the cleverly executed puns and clichés. the game even lets you give your foes the finger with just the press of a button! Mirrors Edge did the same but not as funny as Colt doing it.


Far-Cry-3-Blood-Dragon-2The structure of Blood Dragon is pretty identical with Far Cry 3. You are placed on a giant set of islands with story missions, side quests, hunting, and outposts to take care of. However a lot of the game focuses on the HUGE Blood Dragons that roam the island, green glowing dragons that will turn red and attack by shooting lasers out of their mouths if they find you. you can rip out the cyber hearts of dead soldiers and throw them to distract the dragons. These things will attack enemies and allies as well so they can be just as useful as they are dangerous. Taking over garrisons is a huge focus here and are a million times better than the outposts in Far Cry 3 because now they are all fairly large bases covered in energy shields. Capturing bases is one of the best parts of the game as they are so much bigger and more challenging than the ones featured in the main game. There’s also the cool effect of the garrisons shooting up red beams of light in the air and that turn green when you take them over. In regards to the map, I should just point out that for a XBLA game it is still huge! While it is definitely smaller than the full Far Cry 3, the island in Blood Dragon is at least half of the size of the island in Far Cry 3 and that’s impressive for a game that’s only a gigabyte and a half download, not to mention including all of the story and side missions available.

Despite Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon’s manic exterior, there’s some shrewd interconnected design going on under the surface. There are no skill trees compared to Far Cry 3. Abilities are driven by the accumulation of Cyber Points. When you rank up, you gain skill or bonuses that comes with the next level. Most of the time it’ll be an additional health, but the designers have held back some of Brody’s better moves and tied them to this simplified system. The ability to do stealth takedowns on heavy enemies is one such skill, and even with Colt’s terminator style overpowered starting point, there are still useful tricks to earn in ranking up. However Blood Dragon becomes too easy too soon, thanks in part to that steady stream of health upgrades and damage-reduction bonuses you’ll unlock as you tear through 30 levels of personal progression

The music style of the game brings the 80′s style of nostalgia and for me brings goosebumps at every time I hear the main theme song, compliments the game very well. Overall with a little more focus on the story and more missions this could have very well been a full retail release and thoroughly deserves a sequel.

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