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Elevator Joe Review

Presentation - 80%
Gameplay - 90%
Longevity - 85%
Innovation - 80%

Summary: Elevator Joe has its up and downs but is definitely no average game.



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Tiny Tower on taurine?

Well, I guess it’s shares the neurological development property by way of helping improve your quick thinking and reaction time and as regards my other reference, elements of the gameplay are apparent with similar visuals.

The object of the game is to collect and “deliver” your passengers to their designated floors and …that’s it! Ok, nothing groundbreaking, but it doesn’t claim to be either.

It’s in its simplicity that this title excels.

The name itself suggests the sort of game you’d find on a mobile phone or handheld console. The kind you would jump into when you have a spare five minutes, then find you can’t put it down.


“Fun” and “addictive” are verbs I’d use to describe the gameplay, terms shared with some of the most popular and highest grossing mobile games. Who’s to say if it gets discovered enough Elevator Joe won’t climb the charts and join them. Not me for one, it’s free and I can recommend you download it if possible after reading this review. You might like it too.

I must admit my first time playing Elevator Joe, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. It took me a few in-game days to grasp, then on my next shift I felt like some sort of adrenaline junkie. I feel a bit silly saying this but it did get my blood pumping! That’s where the challenge aspect comes in, you have to pick up and drop off the “Chibizens” as fast as you can and preferably in the correct order. If you keep them waiting too long their faces will turn crimson showing their frustration and they can be impatient little characters!

Then arriving by helicopter on the rooftop there’s the V.I.P.s who demand priority and I suppose you won’t want to annoy the extra terrestrials also landing on top of the tower in their flying saucers. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate a Godzilla-like creature even makes an appearance, not quite figured out why or what for yet though.

There are at least 60 challenges I know of to fulfil and at the end of each working day you get paid in “Chibiyens”and receive a patron satisfaction rating out of a 100.
The game’s currency can be used to purchase numerous upgrades and boosters, as well as extra floors for the building in which you are employed.

That leads me nicely to my first low point about this game. I think space for the extra floors you can buy is the reason why the developer could not make the graphics any bigger, which is understandable but a shame. I just feel it would have been a little easier on the eye buffed up a bit, trivial and cosmetic may be. Still if it would be possible in an update I would not grumble.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, though it’s nearly a given with free iOS games these days, Elevator Joe unfortunately contains IAPs and iAds. Though the in-app purchases are not required to play and as far as I am aware do not prevent progress. That being said I would not mind spending some money in real life should it get rid of those pesky advertisements seen at the top of the screen and in between games. To be fair neither are intrusive and are minor annoyances.

So let’s end this review on a high, as you may have read the only negatives I found while I felt were warranted mentioning are only gripes and should not deter you from at least trying an otherwise uplifting experience.

Visually and musically quirky with 15 achievements to unlock and leaderboards to rank up on via Game Center integration. Inspired yet unique Kuyi Mobile’s Elevator Joe is ironically an almost flawless
app. If you strategically make your way to the App Store you will probably end up managing your time around playing it.

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