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Death Road to Canada coming this Autumn!

From the colossal collaboration that brought us the “phenom” that is Punch Quest. This Autumn, Madgarden and Rocketcat games bring us, Death Road to Canada!

A zombie road trip simulator with “Choose you own adventure” elements. It will be their first PC game, with a port to iOS coming very soon after. A port to Android is also planned and ports to Mac and Linux are likely.

“Find survivors with their own randomized names, personalities, appearances, and traits. Try to manage conflicts between your crew of up to 5 people (or in some cases animals).

Explore randomly generated cities for supplies in action segments. Smash and shoot zombies with an scavenging team of up to 3 people. Get overwhelmed and eaten by an enormous horde of the undead.”

When I first heard of DRtC, I immediately thought, ‘Organ Trail’. After viewing the reveal trailer ( below ), I thought ‘Retro City Rampage meets Minigore.’ Whatever it is going to be like, it is certain to be unique. Madgarden and Rocketcatgames are renowned for taking recipes everybody is accustomed to and then adding their own secret ingredients, concocting a new flavour that oozes “awesomeness” and will leave you drooling for more.

Very excited to eventually play this game and cannot wait for it’s release later this year. To keep up to date with future developments, you can follow @madgarden and @rocketgames on twitter and I will update this post should any more information become available.

In the meantime, be sure to check out:

Punch Quest



Available in the App Store

*Update! Sentralgamer EXCLUSIVE “tidbit”! Co indie developer Paul Pridham has just told me, he and Kepa Auwae were talking Death Road to Canada last night and it will probably have a “BLOOD AND GUTS” option that can be disabled!


Sneak peek screenshots!

‘dark room’


‘last stand’




‘magnum shotgun’



Death Road to Canada is a ‘Permadeath’ Randomized Road Trip Simulator. You manage a group of survivors through decision making events as you travel from Florida to Ontario, Canada. This is mixed in with exploring randomized cities, where you scavenge for supplies, find survivors, and deal with massive hordes of classic-style zombies. Recruit up to five survivors with their own random names, appearances, personalities, and quirks that can both help and hinder your journey to safety.


- Tons of replay value. Every game is different. Randomized cities, different survivors to recruit, different events. We will have a big focus on rare events and Easter Eggs.

- More dogs than the Fable series or Call of Duty: Dog Edition.

- Varied and robust Interactive Fiction style decision making. The traits, personalities, and status of your group members influence the choices you can make and their results.

- Survivors keep track of how they feel about other members of the group. It’s up to you to keep your everyone together or at least mostly alive in the middle of bickering, personality conflicts, despair, rage, and/or insanity.

- We have the rarely seen classic “death metaphor” style of zombie. They’re slow, they’re stupid, there’s up to 200 onscreen at once, and they’ll never stop chasing you. They form a shambling wall of inevitable death that will drag you down.

- Rarer survivors called ‘Uniques’, that have their own special events, appearance, and dialogue.

- Find a dog, teach it to drive. Have all the humans in your party die. Make the dog recruit other dogs until your band of survivors consists of 5 dogs driving a muscle car.

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DEATH ROAD to CANADA Kickstarter project launched!

Death Road to Canada is coming out around the end of Autumn 2013.  Rocketcat Games want it have as much content as possible and their PC/Mac/Linux launch to go smoothly. Your support means they can put extra resources into accomplishing these goals, especially the “more content” part.

For details on the ‘whys’, ‘whats’ and ‘whens’, to give Death Road to Canada the Greenlight for Steam and to back Rocketcat. Please visit:





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