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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by Jamie84303


Coming Soon to Android and iOS!

A game by Jayenkai for, where he single handedly creates a brand new game, each and every single week.

“After battling swarms of alien invaders, it’s time for our hero to travel through the space lanes to his next destination. Unfortunately for him, even the space lanes are swarming with deadly alien creatures!

Guide your vessel along the route, dodging the enemy creatures, and avoiding the destructive forces of evil.
Blast all the aliens away using your trusted blue light phaser.
Will you reach your destination with your health intact?”


From the Creator of SpikeDislike, Sheep Goes Left, NeonPlat, Hoppy Bobby and more, comes a great new retro styled shoot-em-up.
Use an easy to learn, single finger control scheme, to swoop and shoot at the enemies in this fast paced retro-styled scrolling shoot-em-up.


The game is currently scheduled* for it’s first release on August 27th, as part of the “300″ festivities at
The game will be simultaneously released for both Android and iOS, alongside a Windows and HTML5 mini-version.

( *As with most iOS titles, schedule is entirely dependent on whether or not it manages to get past Apple-Review in time. )


For reference, this is what the game looked like last week:


and this is what it currently looks like:

As you can probably tell, Jayenkai has spent the week changing a generic bog-standard Racing game into something a teensy bit different!

“In the world of AGameAWeek, literally anything could happen, as I tweak and re-tweak game engines in a struggle to get something more “Gamey”
Over the past week, I started with a Racing engine, but became bored with it pretty much straight away. I’ve never really been one for Racing games.

As I attempted to get other drivers on the track, I found myself wanting to shoot at them, rather than blandly drive past them all, and then the whole game took a bit of a turn, and everything started going a bit neon!

The resulting game is entirely unrelated to what it originally was supposed to be.. except it’s still on a track!
Since the game’s come together so well, I’ve decided to hold off it’s release for a couple of weeks. Over the next week or so, I’ll be adding as many extra “Niceness!” features as I can muster, and getting everything ready for a nice big proper release on August 27th.

There’s quite a bit to add, and hopefully the end result should be quite a spectacle.
It’s already looking pretty!”

In the meantime, here’s a taster to make you drool!


If you would like any more details on this scrolling shoot-em-up on a track, you can follow @Jayenkai on twitter and hopefully I shall bring you a review shortly after release. Watch this space!

*Update *Indie developer James Gamble has uploaded more gameplay video teasers of his upcoming game BlastTrax.  ( See below: ) I’m itching to play it!




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