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Castles in the Sky (News & Review)

Story - 94%
Presentation - 96%
Gameplay - 92%
Longevity - 90%
Innovation - 98%

Summary: The sky's the limit for this original debut. A unique first addition to anyone's library of books and video games.



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Short and sweet!


Castles in the Sky, a video game story book about adventures in the sky, is an enchanting and innovative debut from The Tall Trees.

Set to be officially released on the 18th of October for Windows PC and Mac at only $1.50!

If you are a parent of young children, this is a perfect interactive bedtime story book to share with them on your laptop or MacBook.
Which got me thinking how well Castles in the Sky would work on iPad. Food for thought for the developers perhaps? I’ll just leave that there.

This entire journey of discovery lasts just ten to fifteen minutes, the controls are simple cursor movements and mouse button clicks. Visually, The Tall Trees have somehow managed to blend 8-bit heaven pixel art with the pastel fluffiness of a beautifully illustrated story book. The melodic piano music is relaxing in the background and the story uplifting ( pun not intended. )

Unfolding as you guide your character on his ascent through the air, it is literally poetry in motion.

You play a young boy on his short but magical trip up in the skies.
Catching rides with balloons and jumping from cloud to cloud collecting chiming rings on your way.
Guide the cursor where you would like to go, crouch and jump by clicking, holding and then releasing the left mouse button before dragging and fine-tuning your landing.


I’m not too sure how the original idea came about. Maybe it is about a small boy who accidentally loses grip of his helium-filled balloon, but instead of feeling sad he daydreams as it soars of the adventure it is about embark on. What will it see? Where will it go? Recapturing the imagination and belief you have as a child that is sometimes lost as we grow old.

Castles in the Sky is a fun, warm-hearted and inspirational look at life, no matter what your age. Whether you are 8 or 80, an unmissable experience for both you and your loved ones, bound to played and read again.
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