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Published on July 24th, 2013 | by Jamie84303


Bus Derby Review

Presentation - 85%
Gameplay - 90%
Innovation - 90%
Longevity - 85%

Summary: Right at this very moment, There are men suffering mid-life crisises. Playing this game and fulfilling childhood dreams



User Rating: 3.8 (2 votes)

Some say this game looks like it came straight out of an episode of Top Gear. Some say, if your speed goes above, then below 50 mph in the game, your iDevice will explode! All we know is, it’s called Bus Derby!

I’ll download most free games I stumble across that spark my interest, it quenches my curiosity. Worst case scenario is, the game will be rubbish and you will have lost a few minutes of your life you could have spent better elsewhere (,you can always multi-task.) I’m not much of a gambling man, but when the stakes are low, sometimes it still pays off and you win like Charlie Sheen with tiger blood roaring through your veins a leisurely sixty miles per hour.

it always feels as should, like you’re driving a bus.

Which coincidently, is about the top speed you are likely to reach dragging an old double decker around a dirt track! Although, so realistic I should imagine? Which is great! You feel the weight and size of the bus you are driving when playing this game. Every ton as you bend it round corners and rock back and forth, trying to make it go faster. Yet at the same time, by no means does it feel annoyingly sluggish. They seem to have instilled the perfect balance between realism and fun! Don’t get me wrong your speed will increase when you upgrade and purchase better buses, but it always feels as it should, like you’re driving a bus.


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Think, Gran Turismo meets Destruction Derby, with a method of public transport and you come close to what Bus Derby is. While you don’t seem to be able to blow your bus up. Damage is slightly visible, I think ,and it’s no less satisfying ramming or spinning your opponents off the track. You also get points for this, like you needed any more incentive! Should you get taken out, whether it be flipped onto your side, or spun round. It does slow you down and you can lose places fast. Luckily, you can earn a boost. Which, when used can help make up lost ground and get you back in the race for first place. I have found myself leading on the penultimate lap, only to find myself having to play catchup after being rear ended by Jenny, or maybe Steve? That is part of the excitement! Ha, not getting rear ended by an opponent, but the fact that anything can change at any time before you cross that finish line, pile ups and all. The console quality graphics are reminiscent of a Playstation 2 title. The soundtrack, sound fx and commentator, all fair well. The conductors and passengers in this game are all safely behind the barriers in packed stands. They’re audible in the form of cheering, if a little inanimate looking crowds. The scenery varies from course to course and is picturesque. Even if is it scattered with billboards shamelessly advertising some of Dimension Technics other offerings.

After each race you are shown your earnings. These consist of; your race result, time bonus, defeat bonus and repair cost. As you’ve probably worked out for yourself. The latter is the only sum subtracted. The rest is calculated and totalled in the games currency, which you can use to spend on upgrades and buses later. You are also able to watch and save your replays via this screen.

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There appears to be a total of eight different unlockable upgradable buses, around ten tracks to encounter and races consisting of single races, time trials, tournaments and random mystery races. Eight is also the number of  difficulty levels you rank your way up through.

The controls are simple. To accelerate you touch the right side of the screen, to brake, the left. Double tap to boost, when acquired. Steering is controlled by tilting your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. This works surprisingly well, which I was glad about. I’ve never really been a fan of tilt controls and seldom opt for them when given the choice. In Bus Derby however, there is no choice. It’s tilt, or jilt!
There are a few simple toggles, including camera options. The only thing I felt was missing here, was a proper ‘cockpit’ view. That would’ve totally added to the all-round experience! As mentioned earlier, you can save and watch back video replays of your races. However, there are no share, or export options. Facebook and Game Center integration is present. Of course, this then in-turn adds to the games high replayability value. Along with plenty of content to make you way through.

Being free, advertisements and in-app purchases are contained, but not in-game and not compulsory respectively.

All in all, Bus Derby is a decent and solid enough racing game, fans of the genre will likely enjoy. Along with the offer of extra innovation and novelty value to attract a few more customers. I mean, why play a boring old bus simulator, when you can race one?

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  1. Gutted that this is only on IOS and not Android.

  2. Jamie84303 says:

    Hello Matty, I realise I discussed this and linked you last night, but for the benefit of other readers Bus Derby is also available on Android.

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