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Boom! Tanks Review

Presentation - 100%
Story - 60%
Gameplay - 80%
Longevity - 60%
Innovation - 80%

Summary: This Tardis of a quick-play game packs a punch!



User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)

Powered by Unity and developed and published by Codemasters, ‘Boom! Tanks’ explodes onto the App Store!

Codemasters’ new and free to play game is something a little different to Colin McRae Rally, similar terrain though this time you take command of a tank!

Shortly after swapping out my Lancia Stratos for an FV214 Conqueror I soon learnt my role was to be gunner and that no actual driving was to be involved at all.

The game is not on rails as such, rather you take part in a series of ever so short tank battles, upgrading and purchasing world famous tanks as you go.

If you put up the with pushy in-app purchase offers, then behind them lies a solid quick-fire shooter which packs quite a lot of content.

Also, despite the fact I’d consider calling this a quick-play game, the graphics, sounds and UI are from a title of much deeper proportions, however the console quality visuals come at a price paid by your iOS device’s battery, which is fine as long as there is access to a power source in your local vicinity.

The controls are simple and slick, drag to aim using relative touch and then tap anywhere on screen to fire. The trick is in the accuracy which is measured by a scrolling dial, hit it dead centre and you can usually obliterate the enemy in two or three shots. Speed is also of the essence and so it is wise to try and upgrade your reloading time as soon as possible.

There are three campaigns to battle your way through over two continents, daily assignments, multiple defend the border skirmishes and endless search and destroy missions so replay value is not rationed and there is plenty to keep you occupied here.

Six Game Center leaderboards and 72 achievements also await your challenge.

I hope you convey what I am about to say as I understand it may sound slightly contradicting, but where as it seldom seems to become less fun blowing up an enemy tank, the battles can feel somewhat monotonous, then there have been times where I have snatched victory and escaped certain defeat.


Boom! Tanks’s chosen currency is gold and cold hard cash, unfortunately the latter being in real life too. That being said it is not required you spend any real money to progress, upgrade and make purchases in this game, you just have to play more and sometimes wait a little. Upgrades, personalisations, new tanks and fuel can be bought with currency obtained and fuel also replenishes itself after a certain amount of time. As well as all this you can buy tune ups for your tank which in-turn will give your armoured combat vehicle a boost during battle.

Early on in the campaign it is recommended you upgrade you tank and it’s surprising how much difference this can make in respect to winning and losing, so don’t be shy in this department. I have been destroyed in campaign missions, earned currency elsewhere and then returned to destroy a formerly unbeatable opponent. Where as this may be obvious, the difficulty is in deciding whether to fully upgrade your tank, or save for a bigger, better, faster, stronger one. Saying that, it is possible to pimp your ride and spend cash only on upgrades so to save your gold for that new vehicle via the arms dealer. Cash can be accumulated fairly rapidly, however gold appears more scarce and difficult to obtain.

Of course, this title is free and as far as I’ve seen there are no advertisements*, so the developers have to try and make their money somehow. Given this, there is the option should you wish to show your support and become a V.I.P. Benefits include a free Elite tank with your first purchase, 50% more fuel, up to 25% bonus cash per victory and an extra daily assignment every day.
So my suggestion is, download the game and if it’s a keeper you might as well make that purchase and kill two birds with one stone.

The battles are fun for the most part and it’s also a blast personalising your tank with outrageous paint jobs and camouflage. I don’t miss trying to drive while aiming and firing as in other tank battle games, but I couldn’t help feel a little teased at certain times when I could’ve sworn I saw my tank’s machine gun being manned. Who know’s maybe that will be a option further into the game, or an idea for an update?
At the end of the day, I think you’d agree the pros outweigh the cons and at the very least it’s well worth rolling out and giving this game a download, check it out …your tank too.

(*Update: Non-intrusive advertisements have since been seen between battles. I am yet undecided on whether to become a V.I.P and so unsure as to whether they on removed upon doing so. )


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4 Responses to Boom! Tanks Review

  1. Jerry says:

    For 69p is VIP that tough a choice?

    • Jamie84303 says:

      Hi Jerry, It’s not that it’s a tough choice, I just personally haven’t decided whether I am going to continue to play the game yet as I download and buy many. As mentioned in my review I highly recommend you do make a purchase and become a V.I.P should you decide to keep the game, it not only supports the developers, but enhances the player’s experience. Many thanks for your comment.

  2. Richie says:

    Being VIP doesn’t stop the pop ups for other games, but like you say, they’re easy to dismiss.

    • Jamie84303 says:

      Hello Richie, To be honest I’ve not seen any pop ups for other games since becoming a VIP, only regarding Boom! Tanks itself. However, it would be nice if the game recognised VIPs which it currently does not seem to. Still, it’s not really a major issue – many thanks for your comment!

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