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Blast Trax Review

Presentation - 86%
Gameplay - 90%
Longevity - 92%
Innovation - 88%

Summary: Make 'trax' down to your local App Store as soon as the game is in stock, this is a blast!



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A heads up.


If you follow@Jayenkai on twitter and/or have read my recent news article, then no doubt you are itching as much as I to get your hands on Blast Trax.

Well, you won’t have to wait much longer as the game lands in the App Store *tomorrow morning! (Tuesday the 27th of August. ) At which time, James Gamble will also be activating the Android edition and HTML5/Windows demo-editions.

The iOS version will cost you mere pennies, 69 to be precise, 99/80 cents, or the equivalent depending on your country of residence. The Android version will be priced approximately the same.

Luckily I managed to get some early hands-on gaming in, so to bring you a review on or before the release date ,and my first impressions were somewhat similar to those of when I initially saw the first gameplay video. You know, eyes and mouth wide open, there may or may not have been some drooling involved. It is always nice when a game lives up to its hype!

For those of you who don’t know what Blast Trax is you can catch up with it here: and then come back to continue reading the review.


My thoughts.


How to define Blast Trax? Well, if you must pigeon hole it, I guess it would sit nicely in the shoot-em-up category. Though there are tracks to travel along with goals to reach, but it is not really a racing game as such. You have no opponents and your game is not timed. Now there’s an idea for an update! Multiplayer mode, the first to cross the line wins? …Have I just planted a seed?

Now I know you can see and hear how good this game is from the screenshots and videos shared in both of my posts and I know it’s a cliché, but you really cannot appreciate them until you witness for yourself. The same goes for how the game plays.

The beautiful 2D rainbow sprites with customisable shaders, upon a monochromatic starry backdrop are nothing short of eye candy and give the graphics both depth and life. The retro arcade-like sound effects are music to the ears and sound incredible even through the tiny speakers of the iPhone. Aside from the haunting synthesized voice which counts down your inevitable doom that is, that’s just plain creepy! The gameplay, well, obviously you need to experience the smooth one-touch control system, fun, challenging and addictive experience for yourself and let me tell you, it’s even better than it looks!




The rundown


At the main menu there are difficulty level options, blur and sound toggles, an icon to access a list of achievements completed and not yet, as well as your top and last eight high scores, Game Center integration ( three leaderboards to compete on and 32 achievements to unlock ) and the credits via icon.

The object of the game is to move your ship along a track, shooting baddies and collecting gems on your way to the goal. The lanes are winding and the levels endless and they become more chaotic the further your progress. 

It’s not so much how fast you complete levels, but more how much destruction you can cause and how long you can survive!

Starting each level you are given a heart with 25 health. Every time you get hit one point is docked, lose all and it’s game over. There are but two power-ups in the game, these are attained by collecting gems, but are reset at the end of each level along with your craft’s energy level. Collecting gems also regains health points, two per 100. 

Your score accumulates at the top of the screen beneath a progress bar which shows how far you have travelled. Pressing the pause button brings up a simple menu with options to toggle the sound, resume or quit.

I deliberately failed to mention something else found on the main menu earlier as I wanted to save it for now and that is, that this game also offers iCade support. While I cannot personally take advantage of this feature yet, I feel it is a welcomed addition more developers should integrate if possible. Nevertheless with the approaching influx of ‘Made for iPhone, iPod and iPad’ controllers shortly believed to be arriving with iOS7, I can understand devs may not be as inclined to add it. That’s not all though, another  genius yet rarely seen feature featured in this title, is the option to play the game in landscape or portrait mode. I adore this and don’t think I’ve seen it since Punch Quest. ( Indie ) developers of (games for) iOS! If it works well, then I can’t recommend you do this more.






An extremely well built arcade space shooter, on a track. Whether it’s the graphics style or high quality audio that seduces you. The gameplay experience alone, will have you coming back for more.




iOS :

Android :

and Jayenkai Archive :

*Quote from the indie developer himself via twitter a few minutes ago, As it begins to pop up, around the world, BlastTrax’s staggered timezone-dependant AppStore release begins early!!! “


Launch Trailer :












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