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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Greenie86


Batman Arkham Origins Review

Gameplay - 84%
Longevity - 80%
Story - 90%
Graphics - 92%




Gotham City is once more in the minds of gamers, perhaps not so much for the awesome game
that Batman: Arkham Origins is, but because Rocksteady are not longer at the helm, and Warner Bros. Montreal
are taking control of all things Batman.

Now, I know when Origins was first announced I wasn’t half as excited as I should have been
because I heard that Rocksteady are no longer involved. And yes, the game has lost some of its
soul, but it’s still an awesome example of how a superhero video game should be.

The sad news is really that I think this is a better game than Arkham City, the only downfall for
Origins is not the change of developer, but because it didn’t come out first.

As the title suggests Arkham Origins is a prequel to the previous two Arkham games, sadly
though it doesn’t really feel that way and is a missed opportunity, Batman already knows half the
villains in the game and is full to the brim of even more gadgets. If anything it does feel like a

But what origins story there is here works really well, and Arkham City is bigger and better than
the previous game. Mainly because half of it isn’t walled off, not destroyed like Arkham City was.
So in essence this is a brand new map with familiar landmarks, but all looking different and
requiring new methods of navigation to get around. It looks fantastic, if a little empty (why are
there still no civilians around?) but has the feel of Tim Burtons Batman more than ever.

This is also a true fan service for Batman lovers out there. A game that’s filled with the lesser
known foes of the Dark Knight take center stage, along with their character bios means you
learn a whole lot more about the Batman universe than you would if old favorites were the main villains of the piece.
But don’t worry though, all the big names still make an appearance one way or another.

Gameplay is what you would expect from an Arkham game, and Warner have done a sterling job
giving us a Batman game which plays every bit as good as those which come from the hands of
RockSteady. The combat is as fluid and painful looking as ever, perhaps a little overly
complicated with the use of new gadgets. Sometimes in fact, these new moves make you
overly too powerful meaning that losing a fight is almost impossible.

And that’s one thing about Origins that I didn’t like, Warner Bros kind of force you into combat
more often than not. I prefer the stealthy approach but there doesn’t seem to be as many of
these sections about. And to be honest, the ones that there is feel a little stale. Crouching on gargoyles, hiding under
grates, smashing through walls and navigating the ventilation system, it’s just the same as the
previous two games and feels lazy with no attempt to add anything new. But this being Batman
it’s still entertaining and works just as well so you can forgive Warner for not fiddling with the
game too much.

One area that has been developed brilliantly is the new Detective Mode. No longer is it a case of
activating this mode and finding a solitary object, now you can recreate entire crime scenes that
allow you to rewind or fast forward the scene as you look for extra clues that will help you in your
mission. Eventually it will play out and you’re like ahhhh, so he done it. It really is a wonderful
addition, like a very short episode of Murder She Wrote. However the game is completely
unwilling to present you with proper brain teasers so they are over all too quickly and easily.

Batman: Arkham Origins is also a huge game and will last you forever, or at least until the next
gen consoles arrive. Along with the eight main assassins of the main story, there are also other
case files for Batman to solve, which translates as the games side quests. Along with Enigma’s
usual stunts, you have lesser known villains causing havok about town including Anarchy, Mad
Hatter and others. Add to these random crime events (basically just a big fight) that happen
around the city, you’re left with plenty to do to keep the streets of Gotham safe.

Despite the game no longer being in the hands of Rocksteady, Origins is every bit as good as
previous games. The combat, stealth story and acting are all up to scratch, if anything the new
voice of Batman is better than before, sounding more like the menacing growling Christian Bale,
Alfred is now a full character adding quips and humour to the proceedings. It’s a shame you
STILL can’t drive the Batmobile or fly the Batwing, but gliding around the city is just as awesome as
it was before.

If you’re wanting more of the same then you can do no wrong with Origins, It is pretty much the
same as Arkham City, with little deviation from the well trodden path. If you were hoping for
something brand new, you’ll be disappointed. I think Warner had the opportunity to push the
series in a new direction and as such missed a trick. however you would be foolish for missing
out on this game, despite the similarities to Arkham City, this is still one hell of a good Batman


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